Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly both got what seemed like emotional sendoffs from NXT on Tuesday night. Fans considered both wrestlers gone as both men were destroyed during their segments on the show. Gargano was decimated by Grayson Waller. Kyle lost his cage match with former tag team partner Von Wagner.

Now, a new report has emerged that the internal belief in WWE is that both wrestlers are staying put. While neither has re-signed yet, the company is planning on O’Reilly and Gargano coming back. Dave Meltzer shared the new on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The feeling from what I have heard in NXT is that they believe they are going to be back. They have angles to get them away. Both are having children early next year. Gargano talked about it. O’Reilly is the same situation. The angles were to injure them, take them out for a while, and then they would come back.”

The revelation is a stark contrast to the popular belief that Johnny and Kyle were being sent out on their backs. Both men will become fathers in the early portion of 2022, so they were likely to take time off anyway. Meltzer said that at least one of the two has considered jumping to AEW.


“I know in one of their cases, one of them has considered AEW, but hasn’t made that choice. So, as far as, but yeah, WWE — WWE didn’t do that thing with Johnny Gargano to have him show up in AEW next week, I’ll put it that way.”

The internal mindset is that both O’Reilly and Gargano will return to NXT in 2022 after their children are born. It is still very interesting that neither have inked new deals despite them being offered. Gargano’s deal was said to be a “good” one as well. It is possible that they are holding out to see what AEW might offer once their WWE deals expire.

Nothing is official yet as no contracts have been signed. This is a huge shift from the conventional thinking on what comes next for both Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly. While many believe they are both leaving, WWE seems to think they will be back on NXT eventually.

Do you think Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly will re-sign with NXT?

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