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Tonight’s NXT will feature all of the fallout from Sunday night’s great WarGames PPV. However, the biggest talking point ahead of tonight’s show is the possibility of NXT losing two of its biggest stars: Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly. The prospect of O’Reilly leaving to join his Undisputed Era bretheren on the *ahem* black and gold show feels somewhat inevitable, but Gargano leaving is a much bigger loss. Where O’Reilly never felt right as a solo act, Gargano has been the heart and soul of NXT for many years. Tonight the rebel heart addresses the crowd in what could be an emotional farewell.

As for the rest of tonight’s show, Kyle O’Reilly will be facing Von Wagner in a steel cage match. Von Wagner tried to attack O’Reilly after they lost their match against Imperium on Sunday in a move that felt a little rushed, but if this is to be O’Reilly’s last match it could be a good one. Bron Breakker pinned Tommaso Ciampa to win the WarGames match for Team 2.0, so it stands to reason he’ll be eyeing another title shot soon. Meanwhile Cora Jade was the star of the women’s WarGames match, and perhaps she’ll be next in line for a shot against Mandy Rose!

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT begins with a recap of what went down at WarGames on Sunday. We go live to the CWC and the cage is surrounding the ring. Out comes Von Wagner to the boos of the fans, but Kyle O’Reilly attacks him on the ramp! O’Reilly sends Wagner into the cell, then gets him in the ring so the referee can start the match.

Steel Cage

Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Von Wagner

The match gets underway and O’Reilly continues the assault. Wagner starts to make a comeback but O’Reilly shuts him down and drops a lot of knees on his back. O’Reilly backs him into the corner but Wagner shoves him back and drops him with a boot. Wagner hits a gutwrench suplex and O’Reilly rolls to the apron. Wagner squishes O’Reilly’s face against the cage with his boot.

Wagner wants a powerbomb but O’Reilly crawls through his legs and delivers some kicks. Wagner scoop slams O’Reilly, then lands a diving headbut for a two-count. Wagner grabs a bear hug and keeps Kyle grounded. O’Reilly delivers some elbows to break the hold, then some leg kicks. Wagner knocks O’Reilly back but Kyle drops him and both men are down.

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Back live and Wagner is back in control of O’Reilly with another bear hug. O’Reilly fights free and lands more leg kicks but eats a headbutt. Wagner runs at him but gets side-stepped and hits the cage. O’Reilly unloads with forearms, kicks, and a big knee. Kyle slams Wagner against the cage over and over, then climbs onto the top rope and stomps him repeatedly. O’Reilly drags Wagner through the ropes and hits a DDT and goes into a guillotine.

Wagner can’t use the ropes so he stands up while holding Kyle and turns it into a suplex. Wagner hits a flying knee, then starts climbing the cage but O’Reilly climbs up alongside him. They exchange on the ropes but O’Reilly slams him into the cage and he falls off, then Kyle dives onto him with a knee to the neck for a near-fall. Wagner low-blows O’Reilly, then throws him into the cell a couple times and hits a spinning doulbe underhook suplex for the win.

Winner: Von Wagner

The fans boo Von Wagner loudly at the climax of the match. Wagner hangs Kyle in the tree of woe, then slams the cage door in his face a few times. He stands beside O’Reilly’s limp body and the fans chant “you still suck”.

Still to come tonight, Johnny Gargano will adress his future amidst rumours of him leaving WWE.

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Joe Gacy cuts a promo with Harland behind him. Gacy says they’re working to make NXT a more inclusive place and together they can change the world. He says people have always judged Harland based on his size but they don’t know the size of his heart. Next week Harland will make his in-ring debut and people will have to accept him.

Bron Breakker comes to the ring. He says Team Black & Gold is tough as nails and he has nothing but the utmost respect for them. However, Ciampa pinned him at Halloween Havoc and he pinned Ciampa at WarGames. That puts them at 1-1, so he wants a title shot once more. Instead of Ciampa, out comes Diamond Mine. Malcolm Bivens says he wants to congratulate Breakker and says he is the real deal. However he’s not the only man who was sucessful at WarGames; Roderick Strong wiped the cruiserweight division clean.

Bivens says the weight limit has been permanently lifted and Strong is ready to face the best of the best. Breakker says he’d better make a point or he’ll toss him into the fifth row. Bivens says Breakker has his sights set on Ciampa, but Roderick Strong is the Champion in WWE and he wants Breakker. So does he accept? Breakker says he’ll fight whoever he has to to get to Ciampa, so yes he accepts. Breakker shoves past Bivens and leaves.

*Commercial Break*

Diamond Mine Vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Grizzled Young Veterans are on commentary and out come Imperium as the bell rings. Brutus attacks Jensen at the beginning and even sits on his back and pretends like he’s riding a bull. Jensen fights back and backs him into the corner before tagging Briggs. Julius comes in and whips Briggs to the ropes but gets clubbed in the back, sidewalk slammed, and splashed.

Jensen is tagged back in and they hit a double-team slide out of the ring and punch to Julius leaning on the ropes. Brutus tags back in and takes Jensen down and forearms his face. Julius tags in and they deliver stiff knees to the ribs of Jensen. Julius hits a scoop slam and taunts Imperium, then goes to a submission. Jensen is backed to the corner but he fights Brutus off and elbows Julius on the apron, only to get clotheslined over the ropes.

Julius gets the tag and he hits an exploder suplex on the floor. Briggs goes to check on Jensen and the Grizzled Young Veterans hop on the apron and ripe the the tag rope off. Jensen gets back inside and slowly fights back against Julius. Both men make tags but the tag rope is gone and the referee won’t let Briggs tag in. Briggs is angry and there’s some confusion but Jensen rolls-up Brutus for the win!

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Von Wagner is interviewed backstage and asked about what he did to O’Reilly. He asks “what did you think was going to happen?” He says O’Reilly is done and his time is now.

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Duke Hudson comes to the ring wearing a terrible fake blonde wig. He says you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet; he saw people say Cameron Grimes shaved him bald but he clearly has a full head of hair. Yeah he may have taken a bit off the top but he salvaged it, put some colour in, and he looks great. Duke starts saying Grimes is a failure and a disappointment but out comes Grimes. Hudson puts some headgear on as Cameron says he didn’t expect this from him.

We all saw him shave Duke’s head, yet here he is denying it. Grimes says he put him through a table, cut his hair, and embarassed him. But he still came out and faced him like a man. Duke can’t handle losing. Hudson says what Grimes did was illegal, he pulled his tights because he’s scum. Grimes says he knows what he is and where he’s from. And where he’s from they do things a little different. How about they do it again and this time it can be no holds barred. Duke accepts and tries to hit him but Grimes fights him off and he escapes with the wig attached.

Briggs and Jensen are celebrating backstage when Ikemen Jiro and Kushida appear and congratulate them. Grizzled Young Veterans appear and say they only won because of them. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter walk past and say a win is a win, and they have two extra concert tickets for whoever wants them. Briggs and Jensen join them and GYV attack Jiro and Kushida until referee’s accept them.

*Commercial Break*

Grayson Waller is outside trying to chat-up a women but she blows him off and says she’s already with someone. Waller can’t understand who she’d prefer over him and she points behind him where LA Knight is leaning aganst a red sports car. The girl joins Knight and he mocks Waller before driving off.

Carmelo Hayes W/Trick Williams Vs. Dexter Lumis

The bell rings and Lumis is staring at Trick on the outside, who looks terrified. Hayes takes the fight to Lumis and tries to outwrestle him. Lumis backs him into the corner but Hayes fires back with right hands and chops. Lumis gets angry and slams Hayes into the buckles, then violently rips the bandages off his ribs. Lumis turns to Trick and gets out of the ring but Trick hides behind the announcers.

Hayes comes out and Dexter drops him with an uppercut. then gets him back into the ring. Lumis shoulders Carmelo in the corner repeatedly. Hayes ducks under Lumis and hits a springboard clothesline. Hayes goes to an armbar and attacks the injured hand of Lumis. Dexter fights up and hits a Thesz press, then chokes Hayes with his boot. Hayes knocks Lumis out of the ring and dives over the ropes onto him.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Hayes still in control of Lumis and targetting the injured hand. Trick gets in Lumis’s face near the apron and talks trash but Dexter turns and stares at him. Hayes grabs Lumis and taunts the crowd but gets suplexed. Lumis connects with some lariats and a bulldog. Lumis wants The Silence but Hayes rolls him up for a two-count. Lumis grabs him with The Silence and takes him down but Trick drags Carmelo out of the ring. Lumis grabs Trick with the Silence but Hayes pulls hi away as well.

Winner Via Disqualification: Dexter Lumis

We return to MSK’s journey to meet their shaman and it’s none other…than Matt Riddle! He says he’s been waiting for them for weeks and brings them inside so they can sit around some candles. He asks the two “stallions” what their issue is. Lee and Carter explain that they expected to start at the bottom and fight their way to the top but instead they won the Dusty Cup and became NXT Tag Team Champions.

MSK ask Riddle what happens when you achieve all your goals so qucikly? Is there anything left for them? Riddle says the journey is worth it and tells them MSK doesn’t need to change, they’re great as they are. They’ve been to the top and they’ve fallen together, but they can climb back up. Riddle says he’ll be with them every step of the way, so long as they share the goodies in their bag. Riddle opens the bag and the three of them start laughing and shouting “bro!”

Toxic Attraction is backstage. Rose says the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions have real business to take care of. And they’ll do it like real women, not like the other with their ratty hand-me-downs and stupid skateboards. She tells the announcers to stop drooling.

*Commercial Break*

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are abckstage and Persia tells Indi she needs to to stop being so obsessed with Lumis. They worked so hard to get to NXT and she’s letting it slip. Lumis appears and scoops Indi up in his arms and she kisses him. Johnny Gargano appears and says “the family’s back together!” and they all hug but Persia walks off.

Toxic Attraction Vs. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Jayne starts against Feroz and gets backed into the corner with a lock-up. Leon tags in and continues the work but Gigi gets the tag and sheruns over Yulisa. Dolin connects with a big boot in the corner, then tags Jayne so she can do the same. Jayne grabs a headlock but Leon fights free and scoops her onto her shoulders, then hits an impressive rolling fireman’s slam.

Dolin and Feroz tag in and Valentina lands a series of dropkicks and a flying crossbody for a two-count. Feroz hits a roll-up but Hayne tags in and clobbers her. Jayne knocks Leon off the apron, then connects with a spinning big boot to Feroz for the pinfall.

Winners: Toxic Attraction

Mandy Rose gets in the ring after the match. She says the baddest bitches are back. And they’re the talk of the town but that’s to be expected when youre as good as they are. She says they’re not running from anyone, so no matter who wants a shot, they can bring it and they’ll be waiting. They are Toxic Attraction and still the attraction.

Cora Jade comes out with her arm in a sling. She says she doesn’t know if Mandy remembers it, but she beat her two weeks ago. And she won at WarGames. So she figured she’d come and see if she wants to handle things face-to-face. Rose says Cora isn’t the one, but if she wants to get in the ring she can settle it. Raquel Gonzalez comes out with a chair in hand and Toxic Attraction high-tail it.

We get another video package of the daddy’s girl, Tiffany. She says her daddy paid for her to take gymnastics lessons and, of course, she made it to the Olympics. But her daddy said she was too good to be on a team so she changed her goals to get the one pice of gold that matters, the Women’s NXT Championship.

Tony D’Angelo is interviewed backstage and talks about his budding feud with Pete Dunne. Andre Chase interrupts him and syas if he’s listened to some of his lessons he’d have come out of WarGames as the star instead of Grayson Waller. D’Angelo tells him if he wants to see who the real star is they can do it in the ring and Chase agrees.

*Commercial Break*

Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez are backstage. She thanks Raquel for having her back and says it’s been crazy since she’s been in NXT. Jade wonders what it would be like if she became the next NXT Women’s Champion and Raquel laughs at her and tells her to calm down. Kay Lee Ray appears and hands Jade her baseball bat and says she thinks she’ll need it after WarGames. Jade asks what she’s going to use and Ray laughs, saying she has lots at her disposal.

Xyon Quinn Vs. Santos Escobar W/Legdao Del Fantasma

The match gets underway and Escobar forces Quinn back to the corner and chops his chest. Santos runs at him but Quinn knocks him down with Wonder Woman-style forearms. Quinn tosses Escobar into the turnbuckles, then lifts him and clobbers him with a right hand. Santos tries to fight back but gets cracked in the back. Quinn body slams Santos and goes to the apron but gets distracted by Wilde and Mendoza, allowing Escobar to knock him off.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Escobar is in control of Quinn and hits him with doulbe knees in the corner. Escobar takes Quinn down with a submission but Xyon quickly fights up and catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Quinn throws Escobar across the ring, then slams him for a near-fall and Lopez looks concerned. Santos avoids him in the corner and hits double knees, then pumps himself up and hits knees again.

Quinn gets Escobar on his shoulders and hits a spinning Samoan drop. Quinn runs Escobar into the corner and shoulders him a few times. Xyon sets Santos on the top rope, then climbs up with him but Sanos punches him a few times, then hits a super Frankensteiner! Elekra Lopez sneakily puts brass knuckles on Quinn’s hand but he throws them to Wilde – who is on the apron protesting. Santos knees him and hits the Phantom Driver for the win!

Winner: Santos Escobar

Malcolm Bivens is outside with Diamond Mine. He starts to talk about Roderick Strong but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams appear. Hayes says he doesn’t care if Strong has lifted the weight limit, he’s still the Champion in NXT. Bivens says Strong has beaten Kushida, Joe Gacy and next week he will beat Bron Breakker. Hayes says he doesn’t care who he baets because he is still the A Champion.

*Commercial Break*

The fans are chanting “Johnny wrestling” and give a standing ovation as an emotional Johnny Gargano makes his entrance for what seems to be the final time.

Gargano says Shawn Michaels told him he can go as long as he wants. The fans chant “please don’t go!” Gargano says this won’t be his most eloquent promo because he wants to live in the moment. If he has one regret for the past six years it’s that he didn’t enjoy it more. He always worried if his match was good enough, or if he was good enough because the fans deserve the very best.

Johnny says the fans have no idea what they’ve given him. The first time he was in this building as in 2015 was for a tryout and he was told he’d never be in NXT. But because of WIlliam Regal he was brought to Full Sail for a dark match against Apollo Crews, and becuase they chanted his name so loud they brought him back every week. This is all because of the fans. TakeOver main events, action figures, video games, all of it is because of the fans. They helped him live his dreams and he’s still a chubby, eight-year old wrestling fan inside.

Gargano say’s dealt with self-confidence issues his whole life but in the ring is the only place he’s ever felt special or important. He says [eople have asked why he’s stayed in NXT so long and it’s because he truly loves it. His family might be in Cleveland but so many of his family are backstage and he rhymes off a list of names. They’re his family and that won’t change. And he knows change can be scary but sometimes it has to happen.

Johnny wants to leave a message for them though; you’ll never fail if you bet on yourself. He doesn’t know what his future holds., he might do some stuff here and there and he isn’t sure. But he does know his most important job begins in February when he comes a dad. The fans chant “baby wrestling”. He thanks them and says the most important thing for him is to be the best dad he can be.

Suddenly Grayson Waller attacks Gargano from behind with a chair! He tosses Gargano out of the ring as the fans chant “@sshole”. Waller wraps the chair around Johnny’s head and slams him into the steel steps. He then removes the top of the announce desk and powerbombs Gargano through it! Waller gets in the camera and shouts “if you want views you watch Grayson Waller.” He says this isn’t Gargano’s house anymore, it’s his!

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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