Tony Khan has been very public about his thoughts on the television ratings for All Elite Wrestling. He pushed hard to beat SmackDown in the key 18-49 demographic when Rampage went head-to-head with WWE’s Friday night show recently. Now, he’s discussing DVR viewership and what it might mean for AEW.

Tony appeared on Busted Open Radio on Friday. He said the DVR numbers look strong. He urged fans not to focus on micro trends. He says AEW’s got a very strong audience.

“Like we have a great audience right now. People get so caught up in like micro trends. I’ll give you a great example. Like there are a lot of people out on Black Friday and also on Thanksgiving Eve. And so for Dynamite in particular, I was just getting DVR numbers back today. And the Thanksgiving Eve episode, you know, a lot of people are out that day. And we did a great audience. It was by far the biggest audience we’ve done on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s our third show on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it was our biggest live audience yet. And it wasn’t quite as big as some of the other audiences we’ve had recently because I think of the holiday. And then I got the DVR numbers back this morning and it was the most watched episode when you factor in the DVR in a long time.

So with that plus seven lift, the Thanksgiving Eve episode was a huge, huge, huge rating success. And, you know, a lot of times people get so caught up in these trends, the show this week, finished third on cable and that’s massive for us. Anytime we finished that high, everybody’s very happy with it and our share was really, really good for the night.


And it was a really strong number put up this week. And the fact is, there are tons of people growing up on AEW. Anytime I come on with you guys like all the aggregation sites will pick it up and pull the quotes out and look for anything juicy to say and often they’ll intentionally take the stuff out of context. They probably won’t use this quote because it talks about what they do. So I’m guessing this won’t make it onto the aggregation sites because it’s actually a very process oriented quote describing the process of running a wrestling aggregation site and taking people out of context, which is an art that they’ve mastered.”

Tony Khan seems happy with the way things are going in AEW. He’ll leave it to the fans to scratch and claw over the minutia of everything. He says the DVR+7 numbers are great and only add to the real story of how many fans tune in to Dynamite and Rampage every week.

What do you think of Tony Khan’s take on the DVR viewership of AEW? Let us know in the comments!

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