Pro Wrestling Legend Ricky Morton thinks he can help fix Cody Rhodes’ current situation. Morton understands the problems in AEW and he is up for the challenge to fix them.

Ricky guarantees he can solve the problems if he is given the opportunity. Morton specifically highlights that he can fix the unexpected fan reactions surrounding Cody Rhodes. The odd crowd dynamic was once again evident during the main event of Wednesday night’s Dynamite.

Morton referred the current scenario surrounding Cody Rhodes a “stalemate”. He claims that nothing can solve the situation of Rhodes unless he is taken off of television for a couple of months. Morton however, puts forth the idea of providing a quicker fix if he were put in a position to do so. Morton expressed his thoughts in the WB Podcast:

“If I was back there, in three weeks I’d have Cody Rhodes the hottest babyface in the country. Or, I could have him the hottest heel in the country.”


Ricky Morton would love to work as an agent or producer for AEW, WWE, or Impact Wrestling. He is worried at the same time of not getting welcomed by everyone backstage. Morton is adamant that he’s in touch with every exposé in today’s pro wrestling scene.

“I’m 65 years old. I’ve wrestled the independent circuits and we do big business…I make more money now than I ever made in my life. And I’m 65 years old [and] wrestling because I know how to make people come back. It’s not about what I can do or what move I can do. It’s not that. It’s about, ‘I know how to get the people to come back to see my show’.””

Morton is concerned about the future of pro wrestling as a whole. He strongly believes that AEW and other companies should think differently if they are to create new fans. He is always ready to pitch in his experience and passion when given the opportunity.

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