Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for AEW Dynamite, less than a week removed from AEW All Out.

The marquee match scheduled for tonight is Brodi Lee Vs. Dustin Rhodes for the TNT Championship. Rhodes and his partners defeated Dark Order at All Out, and so Rhodes earned a title shot. However Cody has teased his return on Twitter, so perhaps we’ll see him make an appearance tonight also.

Following his loss to Orange Cassidy at All Out, Chris Jericho teams with Jake Hager to battle Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss in a no disqualification match. And speaking of Cassidy, he looks to keep his momentum rolling in a match against Angelico.

Other matches tonight include Jurassic Express Vs. Lucha Bro’s, and Nyla Rose Vs. Tay Conti, while Kip Sabian will reveal his best man, Matt Hardy speaks after his concussion at All Out, and the AEW Champion Jon Moxley will be live. And that’s the set-up for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Follow along here for live updates and join the conversation. Enjoy the show!



Tonight’s Dynamite opens with Tony Schiavone outside the Daly’s Place arena, and both MJF and Chris Jericho happen to arrive at exactly the same time behind him.

Jericho says MJF was robbed at All Out, Moxley cheated, and he used the Paradigm Shift. But he can guarantee MJF will be AEW Champion very soon. MJF thanks him and says that means a lot coming from a legend. And he wants to give Jericho his condolences for having to touch that ginger prick Orange Cassidy, and he can also guarantee he will be AEW Champion again. They wish each other well and walk off, then we get a split-screen of them walking away and calling each other losers.

Lucha Bros. Vs. Jurassic Express

We start the match with Jungle Boy and Rey Fenix. They pretend to lock-up for a second then Jungle Boy hits two springboard arm-drags, and Fenix hits one of his own. They trade reversals and stop to stare at each other, then Fenix throws an awful punch and tags in Pentagon Jr.

Fenix helps Pentagon hit a wheelbarrow splash, then Jr. chops the chest of JB. Luchasauras gets the tag after Jungle Boy avoids a piledriver. Sauras tosses Jungle Boy into Pentagon, then tries to jump off Sauras’ back but slips and collapses into Fenix. The Lucha Bros. roll outside to regroup with Eddie Kingston and The Butcher and The Blade.

Pentagon comes inside and tosses his glove at Luchasauras, who slaps him in the chest. Pentagon says zero fear before hitting a springboard enziguiri, then Jungle Boy tags in for a springboard hurricanrana. Rey Fenix tags in and Jungle Boy takes them both out with an arm-drag, then hits Fenix with a suicide dive.

Jungle Boy looks to springboard back into the ring but Pentagon shoves him into a superkick from Fenix. I could have sworn Fenix was legal but Pentagon covers for a two-count. Luchasauras tags in and hits a few kicks, drops Pentagon, then chokeslams Rey off the top rope and nearly spikes him.

Jungle Boy tags in again but Fenix hits a springboard headbutt to Luchasauras and hits him with a leg drop while also hitting a gory bomb to Jungle Boy. Pentagon tags in and hits a slingblade to Sauras, then a backstabber to JB. Lucha Bros. hit the foot stomp/piledriver and Fenix suicide dives Luchasauras on the floors. Jungle Boy shoves Fenix into a Canadian Destroyer from Pentagon, somehow, then rolls-up Pentagon for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express

After the match Fenix and Pentagon start arguing, so Eddie Kingston comes in and tells them to stop. Kingston says PAC isn’t here, he’s the only one here to help them all. He asks what happened at the Battle Royale when the five of them couldn’t work together. He says they should be running the place and he demands they shake hands. Fenix looks for the handshake but Pentagon shoves him. Kingston hugs them and tells them he loves them, and again asks them to shake hands. This time they do, then Kingston reminds everyone he wasn’t eliminated at the Battle Royale.

Jake Roberts is outside with Lance Archer in an alleyway. Roberts says they never had any doubt. Moxley is out driving fancy cars but they destroy them. That’s just what they do. They like the rain. Archer says Moxley has been Champion for far too long and soon he will be AEW Champion. Because everybody dies.

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Matt Hardy comes out to make a statement. Hardy says it’s amazing to be in arena with real people, so he thanks the fans for coming out. On Saturday he suffered a scary fall and it frightened a lot of people, but the outpouring of love and support has been humbling. And he’s happy to be here tonight, after a myriad of tests, he will make a 100% recovery.

Hardy says he can’t claim to be the toughest man alive, but he is the luckiest man. He points to his wife in the crowd with their new baby son, and says hello to his sons at home. He apologises to them for putting him through that. He says the fans showed how much they care about the fans. And finally he wants to apologise because his match with Sammy wasn’t what he wanted, but maybe that’s a good thing because it would only escalate further.

So now he’s going away to heal, and when he comes back he will be chasing the AEW Championship. Most importantly for him, his journey isn’t over but without the fans there would be no Matt Hardy. He thanks the fans one last time.

Angelico Vs. Orange Cassidy

As the match begins Jack Evans causes a distraction and allows Angelico to cheap-shot Cassidy. Orange counters Angelico and looks to put his hands in his pockets but Angelico grabs his hands and does a weird takedown. Angelico struggles with a weird submission attempt and gets Cassidy down with a reverse STF.

Cassidy gets to the ropes to force the break, then avoids a corner splash from Angelico and he flies over the ropes. Cassidy follows up with a suicide dive, then gets him back in the ring and hits a crossbody. Cassidy ducks a lariat and hits a tilt-a-whirl suicide dive, then takes his elbow pad off. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

That was a weird match, I don’t like Angelico much and I definitely don’t think OC should be selling for him so much when he just beat Jericho and Angelico hasn’t been on TV in months. After the match Jack Evans once again causes a distraction and this time it’s Santana and Ortiz run in and attack Cassidy.

Best Friends come out and run them off. Chuck Taylor calls them “ding-dongs” and challenges them to a parking lot brawl next week. Trent says he doesn’t want an apology anymore. They’re not coming to have fun, they’re coming to hurt them and make his mom proud. In what scenario would you ever be coming out to have fun?

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Alex Marvez is backstage trying to interview The Young Bucks after the break-up of The Elite on Saturday night. He knocks the door and they open it and superkick him.

Kip Sabian comes out with Penelope Ford for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Sabian tells Tony to take a hike because he doesn’t need him. Sabian says everybody is obsessed with finding out who his best man will be. He introduces said best man, and it’s a really fat guy who was apparently a fan of his on Twitch. Awful comedy. Sabian tells him to leave, then re-introduces the best man: Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman comes down and hugs Kip. Sabian says he told his he was the “best, man”, not the best man. He says they aren’t even friends. Pillman leaves and Kip introduces the best man once more…Miro (a.k.a Rusev)! Miro comes to the ring and hugs Sabian before taking in the crowd chants of “Miro day”. Miro takes the microphone and says he spent ten years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling, reaching for the imaginary brass ring. Well you can shove said ring up you’re a$$. He says elite recognises elite, and he loves Kip, so of course he’ll be his best man. He says he is the best on Twitch, and in the ring. He is Miro, and he is elite. Bad as that segment was, Miro is awesome, so that’s cool.

Tony Schiavone is sitting backstage – because he’s that damn fast – with Adam Page. He asks Page how he feels and he says his ribs hurt, but he’s fine. Tony asks him to give the real answer and Page says he couldn’t hear the fans at All Out. It felt like everyone was holding their breath, because they seemed to think it was inevitable that they would lose and fall apart. But it shouldn’t have been.

He says FTR shouldn’t have even been number one contenders, it was his fault. And he lost his best friends because of it. It was stupid of him to think Dax and Cash would be like him because they look and talk like him. He says he feels like a little boy. Tony asks what happens next and Page says he and Kenny have been the best tag team in the world in spite of troubles, but they can climb back up the ladder and get through the issues

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No Disqualifications Match

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager Vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

We start with Jericho and Janela, and the bad boy unloads on Y2J but gets forced to the corner. Joey drops Jericho and punches him over and over. Jericho fires back but misses a forearm and gets dropped with a shoulder.

Sonny gets the tag and they hit a double-team stun-gun followed by a bulldog and dropkick. Kiss knocks Hager off the apron but Jericho rakes his eyes. Jericho chokes Sonny on the top rope but Sonny then hits Jericho with a kick and they knock Jericho and Hager from the ring with top-rope dropkicks.

Sonny and Joey pose together before hitting dives onto them at ringside. Joey goes under the ring and brings a chair into the ring. Joey hits Chris with the chair, then sets it up and runs off it into a back suplex from Jericho. Y2J hits him with the chair in the back as we go the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jericho is beating on Joey, but Janela whips Jericho into a chair wedged between the turnbuckles. Hager and Sonny get the tags and Kiss runs over Hager with dropkicks and a roll-up for two. Sonny hits a superkick but Jericho makes the save.

Jericho runs at Sonny with a trash can but gets kicked, then Sonny tosses Jericho over the ropes. Hager drops Kiss and sets the trash can on him. He looks for the Hager Bomb but Sonny lifts the can up and he hits it. Janela clotheslines Hager over the ropes, but Jericho tosses Joey into some cameras.

Jericho catapults Joey into Hager, who throws him off the stage through a table. Sonny then takes out both Jericho and Hager with a crossbody. Sonny gets Jake in the ring, then wedges Jericho between the ropes and hits both with axes and oh’s. Kiss goes up top but Jericho sprays a fire extinguisher in his face, then Hager hits a Rock Bottom for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Jericho gets on the microphone after the match and asks the fans for some love. He says The Inner Circle had a terrible night at All Out, they all lost, but that’s in the past. Tonight marks the start of a new chapter. He and Hager are coming for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

MJF is in his campaign room and he says he should be Champion but dictator Jon cheated. He says you can’t blame a scorpion for stinging you, so he doesn’t blame Moxley. His campaign is to blame, they didn’t make Champion. So the campaign is over. He gets in Wardlow’s face and accuses him of losing him the title. Wardlow gets mad and MJF says he needs to step down because he’s the one who signs his cheques, not Tony Khan. He says if Wardlow doesn’t get it together he will put him and his family out on the street. They need to start planning to get back on top, where they belong.

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Jon Moxley is backstage and he says he had a lot on his plate on Saturday night, and when he saw Lance Archer become number one contender it got a lot harder. He says that the way it should be because to be Champion you have to crawl through a litany of crap, and that’s why he’s the perfect Champion. He says Lance Archer is a killer who can tear men apart, but he knows he’s unstoppable. He sees Archer as a man and when they cross paths nobody should bet against him.

FTR are in the ring with Tully Blanchard for a title celebration, and their music has been altered to sound almost identical to their WWE music. Tully says that FTR are the greatest Tag Team Champions. On Saturday night they battled for thirty minutes in extreme temperatures, against hard competition, but they stood tall.

Cash says AEW has the best tag team division in the world, and they’ve had to fight to get to the top. Cash says guys like SCU, they grew up watching them, and imagine if they’d been able to wrestle them in their prime. Dax says the less said about Private Party the better. Dax turns to Billy Gunn and him and his kid can’t jump to the front of the line because they’re in a second-rate Hall of Fame.

Next week Jurassic Express face them but it’s not for the belts. Maybe if they beat them they can get a title shot, but they’re never going to let a comedy gimmick run the division. They won’t allow a Tarzan cosplayer and a dinosaur loser reach the pinnacle of tag team wrestling. Jurassic Express get in the ring but FTR tell them to back down, they’re celebrating tag team wrestling.

Dax throws some napkins in Luchasauras’ face, then Jungle Boys jumps at them but misses. Luchasauras grabs them by the throat but they escape the ring. Marko Stunt grabs FTR’s beer cooler and throws it over the ropes, drenching them in ice. All the other teams get in the ring and eat cake while FTR leave with Tully.

*Commercial Break*

Ricky Starks come out dressed as Darby Allin. He says it finally happened, he got injured. He dislocated his pinky and he got thumbtacks on him, and now he can’t go hang out with his friends at the skate park. Starks says Allin calls himself “relentless” but really it’s “reckless”. There’s a reason why Darby comes out alone, why he sits alone backstage, and why nobody wants to tag with him. He is absolute Ricky Starks and he will relentlessly beat Darby’s ass next time he sees him.

Tay Conti Vs. Nyla Rose W/Vickie Guerrero

The bell rings and Conti storms Nyla but gets picked up and slammed into the buckles. Nyla drills her with shoulders, then throws her across the ring. Tay hits an upkick, then a question mark kick. Conti runs Nyla into the turnbuckles and rolls her up for a two-count.

Conti catches a kick and sweeps Nyla into a kneebar. Rose grabs her by the face and rakes her, then stomps her. Rose splashes Conti in the corner and tosses her from the ring, where Vickie chokes her. Nyla goes out and slams Tay into the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Tay looks for a sunset flip but Nyla lifts and slams her. Conti counters Rose with an armbar and it’s the worst looking armbar I’ve ever seen. Conti screams at the top of her lungs for no reason, then Nyla lifts her and hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Vickie gets in the ring and yells for attention. Vickie says the Vicious Vixens are here to make a statement, they’re not going anywhere. Rose then lifts Tay but Hikaru Shida comes out with the Kendo stick and warns her off.

We see a replay of The Young Bucks superkicking Alex Marvez, and they’ve been fined $5000 by the mysterious, ethereal Tony Khan.

Jim Ross sat down with Kenny Omega earlier today and he asks how he’s processed what happened on Saturday. Kenny says “I was a Champion and now I’m not, what do you want me to do?”, and that you lose belts, it happens. Omega says there was something there, they were great together despite the problems. He says he had visions and expectations, that he was to be the ace of the company and the star, but finding Hangman gave him a new direction. Ross says he has fans worldwide and earned their respect, so what’s next? Omega says the tag division is incredibly deep, they had to dig deep to get to the top. But what he learned about Hangman is something he doesn’t like. They had a good run but he’s done. He’s going single and will give everyone what they’ve wanted from him.

October 14th is the AEW anniversary show, and that is where Lance Archer will face Jon Moxley. Next week FTR face Jurassic Express, Ivelisse battles Thunder Rosa, Private Party take on Chris Jericho and Jake Hager, Hangman Page faces Frankie Kazarian, Best Friends challenge Santana & Ortiz to a parking lot brawl, and MJF will be in action. That said, they currently don’t know if Dynamite will be on Wednesday or Thursday night because of the NBA Playoffs.

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TNT Championship

(C) Brodi Lee Vs. Dustin Rhodes

As Brodi Lee is being introduced, Rhodes attacks him from behind and sends him to the floor. Brodi turns the tables and knocks Dustin into the crowd. Rhodes back drops him onto a table but it doesn’t break. Rhodes beats Lee back to ringside and slams him into the ring steps before putting him in the ring.

Rhodes chops and punches Lee in the corner and he rolls outside. Brodi throws the timekeeper’s table at Dustin, then gets him back in the ring and chops him in the corner. Rhodes turns the tables and looks to hit ten punches in the corner but winds-up hitting twenty. Brodi rakes his eyes and chops him, then catapults him into the bottom rope.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Dustin ducks a clothesline to hit one of his own, then another. Rhodes hits the drop-down uppercut, followed by a bulldog. Brodi reverses an Irish whip but gets caught with a snap powerslam. Lee hits a back body drop but Dustin goes to the middle rope and catches him with a hurricanrana.

Rhodes goes to the opposite corner and kicks Brodi, then hits a Canadian Destroyer for a near-fall. Brodi slaps him and lifts him but Rhodes slides off and hits a CrossRhodes for a near-fall. Lee counters Dustin with a superkick, then a Jackknife powerbomb for a near-fall.

Lee misses a big boot in the corner and flies over the ropes, and Dustin follows-up with a cannonball senton on the floor. John Silver causes a distraction and Rhodes hits Lee with the Unnatural kick, then catches Silver with a snap powerslam. Dustin avoids the discus lariat and hits a piledriver but Brodi grabs the rope.

They climb to their feet and trade kicks, chops and slaps until Dustin drops him with a big clothesline for a very near-fall. Dustin hits a big boot but Lee hits a thrust kick, another, then a discus lariat for the win.

Winner: Brodi Lee

Dark Order come down to celebrate with Brodi Lee, including Colt Cabana. However Lee is still upset with Colt and shoves him, telling him to leave. Dark Order goons lift Dustin up and Brodi kicks him in the gonads before posing with the TNT Championship.

And that’s it for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for all your wrestling news and exclusives. Until then, stay safe!

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