Kenny Omega was reportedly not 100% when he took to the ring to face Adam Page for the AEW World title at Full Gear. He was having serious problems with his shoulder. The Cleaner was also suffering from vertigo, which makes it difficult to perform due to the sensation that the whole world is spinning. We now know that Omega will be undergoing some tests to determine whether he needs some time off.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave an update on Omega’s condition. He said that the former champion has an appointment to get looked at on Wednesday. Kenny worked through the injuries so that he could pay off the long-term storyline of Adam Page winning the title.

“He’s going to be checked out on Wednesday. For all the different things he’s been working through, all kinds of stuff for months and months. It was one of those things where he was going to work through it. That’s his role as world champion.

I didn’t know this, but I guess he’s, in the last three years, he’s been suffering from vertigo. And he would be in the ring, and at times the ring would be spinning. And he kind of had to learn to compensate, and that’s pretty crazy considering all the stuff that he does.


The idea that he did a lot of it when the world was spinning, and still doing matches like he was doing for the last couple years. But, he’s getting everything checked out. There’s a whole litany of things… If he needs to take time off, I mean, it’s the time now. He could have, but he wasn’t going to, basically. He could’ve and they would’ve let him. Nobody would’ve been happy about it, but he was pretty much determined that he was going to work through and lose the championship to Adam Page when the time came, and the time came on Saturday.

So now, he’s going to kind of see where he really stands with everything. Maybe the best thing would be to take a little rest, anyway, but we’ll see what happens… Nobody will really know anything until the end of the week.”

Kenny Omega finally dropped the AEW World Championship to Hangman Adam Page at Full Gear, wrapping up a story arc that has lasted as long as the company itself. If he needs time off, it is a perfect opportunity for it.

Should Kenny Omega take some time off to heal? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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