As reported earlier, Jon Moxley has joined an inpatient alcohol treatment program. This has put Moxley’s wrestling plans on hold for the time being. Fans already missed out on Moxley’s semi-final fight against Orange Cassidy, in which he was replaced by Miro.

Now, it seems that there were even more plans more Moxley prior to his rehab admission. It seems that AEW was planning on completely reinventing Moxley’s gimmick.

This news was shared by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, who stated that Moxley was set for a “personality change,” but did not specify further. This personality change could be a simple new babyface gimmick or a heel turn.

Moxley has never been a heel in AEW, instead playing the badass babyface. Had he been slated for a heel turn, it would have definitely been a significant change.


It seems that we’ll have to wait and find out what AEW’s plans for Moxley were. Of course, the most important thing right now is for Moxley to make a complete and speedy recovery.

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