The ‘Forbidden Door’ was a great gift for the wrestling community. Thanks to it, we got to see a lot of matches that would have otherwise never happened. But with the match between Christian Cage and Josh Alexander at Bound For Glory seeming like the perfect book-end, and a lack of information and promotion about the ‘Forbidden Door’ itself, many were left to wonder about its future.

We also had sources tell us that it might have been coming to an end. Tony Khan recently opened up about the ‘Forbidden Door,’ despite the fact that he’s been relatively quiet about it in recent history. As Ringside News exclusively reported:

“Ringside News has been told that AEW and Impact Wrestling’s deal is ‘ending’ after Bound For Glory. We were not given any specifics about what that means for the future, especially for people like Christian Cage and the Good Brothers who have been appearing for both Impact Wrestling and AEW.

A trusted source close to the situation informed us that “the partnership is ending after BFG.” Unless something changes it appears that the companies will stop sharing talent after Bound For Glory on October 23rd.”

We never reported that it was a definite thing, as our sources only alleged to the possibility. Their current deal was ending and another has yet to start, if it ever does. In pro wrestling, everything’s a secret until a wrestler pops up through the curtain, or news breaks officially. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stated:

“It’s getting talked about like that but not quite accurate. Cage dropping the title at BFG was the end of the story that started last December. That was the plan since the spring. Door is open to do more but nothing planned for short-term.”

Khan has now come forth stating that the ‘Forbidden Door’ is not closed at all. He has plans to do something with it apparently, but no news yet for exactly what, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be an time soon, as stated on Wrestling Observer Live by Tony Khan himself.

We will have to see if this situation sees AEW and Impact Wrestling exchanging talent once again. If anything, things were fun while it lasted.

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Domenic Marinelli

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