Daffney Unger was under the concern of the pro wrestling community after her live stream in September where she appeared incredibly distraught. Many were trying to reach out to her as pleas were sent out for someone to contact her. We had to report terrible news later as it was found out that we lost another member of the pro wrestling community.

Her passing was a reminder of how seriously mental health needs to be taken. WWE offered help to their talent by offering them mental counseling if they needed it. It was tragic loss and her passing away sparked the conversation of mental health around spaces such as professional wrestling where it is often neglected. Many in the wrestling community paid tribute to her after her passing.

Impact Wrestling, where Daffney had worked for years, will also be paying tribute to her with their Impact in 60 series next week. The October 28 episode will be themed around Shannon “Daffney” Spruillk, and will air on AXS TV.

Impact previously honored Daffney at the Knockouts Knockdown show earlier this month. It opened with an ceremony paying tribute to her and a Monster’s Ball match took place in her name on the show.


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Rayan Sayyed

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