Max Caster is known for two things in AEW, which are disses and controversies. While he’s had severe controversies to the extent that Tony Khan had to take over the editing of AEW Dark, he’s still working his magic in the company.

Caster has taken it upon himself to make things interesting in AEW. He issued a challenge to Tony Khan and said that if he would excuse the language for once, he’s ready to engage in a rap battle with Caster any time.

The AEW superstar took to Twitter and shot out a tweet challenging Khan. He shared his freestyle rap from his Newark appearance, and said that he’d take Khan on in a rap battle at the Queens, New York’s AEW Grand Slam.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Here’s my Fire freestyle from #AEW in Newark, NJ Our boss Tony Khan didn’t really like my rhymes. Well, maybe he can do better… I challenge @TonyKhan to a RAP BATTLE in Queens, NY at #AEWGrandSlam #MaxVsTony


Caster revealed his new project after the AEW controversy surrounding him had taken place. Eric Bischoff blasted Max for being devoid of common sense, while Caster took to auctioning off lot of his AEW gear, which spooked fans into believing that he might be leaving the company. However, that’s clearly not the case anymore.

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