Max Caster, 1/2 of The Acclaimed, is one of the more popular tag team wrestlers in AEW. Caster recently landed himself in hot water as well and that cost his duo in a big way. Max Caster caused a lot of controversies when he rapped about Simone Biles’ mental health and the Duke lacrosse team made the air on AEW Dark. Tony Khan himself was very upset at the controversial rap and stated that he himself will now be in charge of the editing for Dark and Dark: Elevation from now on. Caster hasn’t been seen since as Ringside News exclusively reported he was suspended.

The Acclaimed was then pulled from matches and even removed from the official tag team rankings due to what Max Caster said. While speaking on his 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about Max Caster’s controversial rap. Bischoff slammed Caster for not having any common sense and that it was stupid.

“It was f*cking stupid, it was just like that jackass over in AEW that rapped the other week and ended up getting suspended for a couple months. At some point, that’s your brand and it’s how the television and advertising business looks at your product and what you do. Once it gets out in the public and people are discussing it on the internet, it just doesn’t change anything. That kind of stuff would end up on the desk of advertising agencies or executives that I worked for in management above me. It’s just stupid.

“I get it, you’re trying to get heat, you’re trying to be out of the box, trying to be controversial. If anybody believes in that stuff it’s me but you gotta have some common sense for crying out loud.”


Max Caster was also recently auctioning off his AEW in-ring gear but ended his eBay auction prematurely without anyone bidding on his gear. We will have to wait and see if Max Caster will continue to be punished for his controversial rap. 

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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