WWE allowed Brock Lesnar’s contract to expire and his last match was at WrestleMania 36. He has yet to make a return, but plenty of fans are hoping that they will see him again as the company begins their live touring schedule once again.

The thought of Bobby Lashley taking on Brock Lesnar is a very attractive one for a lot of fans. That doesn’t seem to be in the company’s plans. Right now Lesnar is not currently booked for SummerSlam.

We previously reported that WWE had list of mega names that they wanted for SummerSlam. Lesnar’s name was on that list early on, but Andrew Zarian reports that it’s not likely that Lesnar will be there, but John Cena vs Roman Reigns is still a go.

Lesnar was in consideration for this show but I have not heard that it’s happening.


Brock Lesnar will certainly benefit WWE when he returns. Fans typically tune in in greater numbers when he is announced for a show. The Beast Incarnate also recently reappeared on the company’s roster list. That was a very interesting move that got a lot of fans very hopeful that he will be coming back soon.

Lesnar will likely be on his way back to WWE, but the company could decide to hold off on making his big return until another even down the line. Survivor Series and Royal Rumble also need big surprises and high profile matches. Lesnar is still an attraction and as long as he is worth the money then Vince McMahon will continue paying for him to show up.

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