WWE wants to make SummerSlam the biggest show they possibly can. A recent report stated that WWE wants to make the biggest party of the summer “this year’s WrestleMania.” They will need some major star power to pull off that feat.

Roman Reigns vs John Cena is already likely happening at SummerSlam this year. They will also need other attractions to fill the 70,000+ seat Allegiant Stadium. Brock Lesnar’s name would definitely fit the bill.

During the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, Andrew Zarian noted that he does not believe that WWE has locked Brock Lesnar down for SummerSlam. He also said that WWE did have a list of mega names they wanted for SummerSlam, and Brock Lesnar’s name was on that list. Right now it doesn’t appear that they have locked Lesnar down for the show.

“WWE had a list of mega names for SummerSlam, Brock was one of those. I don’t know if Brock is a contractual thing where the money wasn’t right to bring him back now as opposed to, I don’t know, Survivor Series is happening and you’re getting closer to Royal Rumble. Because he’s a touring attraction, especially now, I think his stock has gone up, because WWE is going to need all of these guys for all of these shows.”


Brock Lesnar’s name could bring a lot of interest, but it doesn’t seem like he is on his way back so soon. Live fans returning would give WWE a reason to invest in the Beast Incarnate once again, but right now it doesn’t seem like they have arranged things for his SummerSlam return.

It is rather interesting that Lesnar appeared on the active WWE roster page once again. He is no longer an alumni. Many fans were under the assumption that meant he was on his way back to the company. Of course, nothing is set in stone until fans hear his imposing music ring out once again.

What’s your take on Brock Lesnar’s WWE return? Is it happening at SummerSlam?

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