Marty Jannetty has long history of ankle issues. He recently went under the knife to get an issue corrected. This was a surgery that he put off for a long time, and his personal demons didn’t help that along either.

There was a time when DDP offered to help Jannetty get clean. That didn’t work out at all, because the former Rocker wasn’t ready to give up that partying. He seems to be doing a bit better now, but his ankle needs all the attention it can get.

Marty Jannetty uploaded a photo update on Facebook to show off the progress after his recent ankle surgery. He said that his doctor is good and that’s always assuring to hear as well.

Today is a good day..Dr Lee-Mac(best in the World)says it took well..we on the way back y’all!! And again, thank you all for the prayers, BELIEVE IT, God is good!


Hopefully, Marty Jannetty will get plenty of use out of his new ankle. Recovery might be a painful process, but he seems to have a good attitude about things.

You can check out the photos below, but we must warn you that they are a bit graphic if you’re really squeamish about post-surgery photos.

H Jenkins

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