Marty Jannetty is sometimes the subject of conversation for saying outlandish and very sexual things. However, there seems to be a sad reason for his seemingly constant inebriation.

The former WWE Superstar took to Twitter where he explained that he desperately needs surgery on his ankles. He can’t even walk with crutches on some days. Since he can’t get pain pills legally, Marty Jannetty drinks heavily.

He explained that he will continue to drink heavily until he can get his ankles fixed. However, as we previously noted he needs this surgery which he cannot afford. He asked DDP for help as well, but he didn’t like his answer.

Can I please explain something to y’all? When I joke on the fact that Im drinking too much, what I dont tell y’all why..but I am now,,BOTH my ankles hurt so bad and because of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince,,its next to impossible to get pain pills legally..I can get them off the streets, but the liquor store is much easier AND legal..


One day I will get my ankles fixed, then I’ll stop all the drinking..some days I cant even walk even with crutches, I have to stay in bed and keep a bucket there to pee in..try living like that..and note this, Im a professional wrestler, pain is my game for 35 years if IM hurting, its gotta be bad..

So I said all that to say, please just understand..and I know Sometimes I get drunk and put messed up shit on here..I apologize for that..but now you know why…………..
PS- everything is gonna be alright, just not right now

We’re rooting for Marty Jannetty to get back on the right track. Hopefully, something will come through so he can get the surgery he needs and he won’t need to drink as much. Pain is a constant thing, but dealing with pro wrestling retirement can sometimes be an excruciating experience.

Felix Upton

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