Marty Jannetty needed work done on his ankles, but he was putting off that surgery. He went under the knife today, and the former Rocker seems to be doing okay.

Jannetty updated fans with a couple Facebook posts before and after his surgery. He seems to be doing well after getting that ankle fixed up. He didn’t provide any timeline for his recovery, but he is in a private room and apparently eating well in the hospital.


To EVERYONE who has wished me well with the surgery & recovery..and ESPECIALLY to my super great brother Geno..he’s had a lot to deal with lately too but still he brought me here at 4:30am anyway..he obviously couldn’t be with me in the O.R.(which was at 7:30am)so figured I’d call him at his house to let him know how it went..but instead, 6+ hours later, he sees my good friend Gerry Key & I talking about Peluso’s pizza across the street..

As I finally was being rolled to my private room, we passed the visitors waiting room and who do I see? Geno, never left, ..when he saw them taking me to my room, he said, “I’ll be right back”..figured he was dead tired and headed home..nope, a few minutes, you see what he brought me from Peluso’s..two of my Italian butt’s fave, spaghetti & pizza, was soooo good..

So thank you always my whole life, always looking out for lil bruh..I love you, you’re simply the BEST!! I’m definitely gonna make you proud of me when this all is healed! That’s my mission!

Jannetty does have a bit of a concern when it comes to the medication he needs for pain. He has a very high tolerance for medication, so the hospital might not give him around to do the trick.

Here’s my concern, if they just give me a damn single Vicodin or Percocet, not gonna do I tell them I have a high tolerance, or ask them for 🍺 with it? 

We’re sending out our best to Marty Jannetty during this time. Hopefully, this is the start to a much better time in his life and he will get plenty of use out of his new ankle.

H Jenkins

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