Ryback was released from WWE on August 8th, 2016, three days after he publicly stated that he had parted ways with the company. This started a very real feud that is still ongoing between The Big Guy and WWE.

In recent memory, Ryback accused WWE of suppressing his social media. The company also sent Ryback a legal letter years ago demanding that he relinquish his social media and his own name. That legal battle is still ongoing.

Ryback’s accusations against WWE were turned up in a big way when he accused Mark Henry of coming at him as a “WWE puppet.” He is also considering legal options in the situation.

Ringside News asked around WWE about what their take is on Ryback’s situation, specifically the accusations he has made against the company. We were told that nobody is taking him seriously.

One tenured member of the creative team told us: “No one discusses Ryback because no one takes him seriously; and no one liked him when he was here.”

Ryback is still friendly with a couple Superstars, but he isn’t over with management or the backstage team. We were also told in another interaction with a member of the backstage staff that they have “no idea what Ryback is up to.”

It was remarked to us that he is “one of the most unpopular former talents” and his “recent comments about Vince are not productive, just vindictive.” This was in reference to Ryback floating a story out there that McMahon’s health wasn’t doing well, a rumor that he started.

Ryback previously made a comment about being able to beat Paul Heyman on the microphone. This was noted as “delusional” as well.

The Big Guy has taken to blocking negativity on Twitter as much as he can. He tried to float his name out there and get buzz started about AEW interest, but that was also shut down. Don’t expect a Royal Rumble return Ryback either.

Steve Carrier

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