Ryback and WWE are not getting along. They are still engaged in a legal battle over his name, a war which the Big Guy is confident he will win. He also claims that the company is stopping fans from seeing his posts on social media.

During the Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report, Ryback went into detail about how WWE is messing with him on social media. He claims that the company has worked with several of the top social media platforms around to institute a shadow ban on him.

“WWE works with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, which I got that unlocked. What they do is they work with these companies and what they call it is shadow banning. Shadow banning, there are different levels. These companies police themselves. What they do in everything is they simply – you got 1.5 million followers. Only 5 percent of that is going to see what this guy posts.”

“They can go in there and do this and they do it with people. They have different peers in all of this. That’s why when I say it’s not actually WWE actually doing it. It’s WWE actually working with them.”

After recently teasing a debut for AEW, a lot of fans are waiting for Ryback’s next move. They might need to actually log onto his page because he might not show up on their actual timelines.

Ryback is certain that WWE is suppressing his social media by using this shadow ban tactic. Social media websites have a lot of power, and you never know what they are capable of. This is a very interesting situation and we will continue to keep up with The Big Guy’s latest activities right here at Ringside News.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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