Ethan Page departed from Impact Wrestling on January 1st, and then his heart was literally ripped out of his chest at Hard To Kill. He had a very tough decision to make about how he would leave the company.

According to Fightful Select, Impact Wrestling told Ethan Page that he had to ether choose between a “violent split” of The North or they would bring in Karate Man. He didn’t want to do either of those things.

Page said that he was given a decision of getting his way with one of those, and decided that not splitting The North was more important than him.

We previously reported that Ethan Page didn’t want Impact Wrestling to bring in Karate Man. That took place without his approval, but it is not his television show. He also didn’t want any kind of split with Josh Alexander.

It was also reported that Impact Wrestling did not let Ethan Page see the final cut of his battle with Karate Man. The first time he saw it was apparently along with everyone else at Hard To Kill. Don Callis is apparently a fan of Karate Man as well.

Ethan Page later stated that he is taking a legit social media hiatus. He also apologized to any fans who bought Hard To Kill who felt ripped off by Impact Wrestling’s lazily edited cinematic match.

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