TNA Wrestling has made a significant announcement regarding Mike Santana‘s return to the company.

Officially signing with TNA, Santana made a dramatic comeback during the Rebellion pay-per-view event in Las Vegas. Facing off against former World Champion Steve Maclin, Santana emerged victorious with a powerful discus lariat.

A veteran in the realm of tag team wrestling, Santana boasts an impressive resume, having previously clinched the TNA World Tag Team Championship four times as part of the formidable LAX duo. Their remarkable reign of 662 days as champions stands as the longest in company history, surpassing the record set by Beer Money, Inc.

In an exclusive digital interview following his triumph at Rebellion, Santana minced no words about his aspirations. Setting his sights on singles championship glory, he boldly declared his intention to claim the top spot in TNA Wrestling. With an unwavering determination, Santana reaffirmed his commitment to seizing opportunities and making a resounding impact.


Hailing from New York City, Santana’s journey in professional wrestling commenced in 2007. Now, with his return to TNA, he aims to elevate his career to new heights, poised to challenge the best in the business for championship supremacy.

TNA Wrestling fans can catch all the electrifying action as the stars gear up for back-to-back events at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, New York, on May 3-4. Under Siege kicks off the excitement on Friday, featuring live title matches and much more, while Saturday promises to capture thrilling in-ring action for upcoming episodes of TNA’s flagship weekly TV show.

With reports circulating as early as March about TNA’s interest in Santana’s return, his official signing marks a significant milestone for both the wrestler and the promotion.

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