Ethan Page invented the Karate Man character for his YouTube channel. That character took off and became a fan favorite with plenty of memes and merchandise to follow. Karate Man even appeared for Impact Wrestling, but that wasn’t Page’s idea.

One fan tweeted out that “it should be made clear that all of that is 100% from the mind of Ethan Page.” The man himself replied to clarify. Karate Man’s involvement in Impact Wrestling was apparently not Ethan Page’s idea. He asked them not to put the character on television, but he doesn’t write the show.

I actually asked them not to do karate man on tv

I don’t write the show. It was a YouTube thing.


The fan apologized to Page, and All Ego said it’s all good, Several fans have said something similar, and he wanted to address the situation.

All good. I’ve seen plenty of similar comments But “enablers” got me to reply

I take a lot of pride in what I do. Appreciate u supporting & following.

Ringside News reached out to Ethan Page, and he confirmed this is true, and not a work. He did not want to bring the Karate Man character to Impact Wrestling, but “I don’t write the show. [shrug emoji] I just try my best with what I’m told to do.”

Ethan Page will face Karate Man at Hard To Kill tonight on pay-per-view. That match is airing after Page’s departure from the company, but it was filmed months ago. We will have coverage of Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill right here at Ringside News.

H Jenkins

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