Two WWE Superstars Fell Out Of Favor With Vince McMahon In Rapid Fashion

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Nothing is certain in WWE until it appears on television. Even then, it is totally possible for things to get changed around. That has happened once again.

Ringside News has learned that the former Heavy Machinery members have fallen out of favor with Vince McMahon in a hurry. We were told that Otis “is not a priority anymore.” This would explain why he wasn’t on SmackDown last week.

Tucker’s squash defeat at the hands of Ricochet was a big sign of that as well. One tenured member of the creative team commented to us: “and you’re surprised by this?”

Vince McMahon will cool on a Superstar’s push at a moment’s notice. He had big plans with Otis, but then they kept getting changed around. Tucker’s turn on Otis at Hell in a Cell was a spur of the moment idea planned a week ahead of time to shock fans with no follow-up planned.

There was an idea bounced around to place the two former Heavy Machinery members on opposite teams at Survivor Series. It was in very strong consideration, but those plans were left behind in lieu of other ideas.

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