Mustafa Ali Reveals Himself As SmackDown Mystery Hacker During WWE RAW


Retribution got beat down bad thanks to Bray Wyatt this week. Then Mustafa Ali appeared backstage with his stable and he had a secret to share.

Click here for our complete coverage of WWE RAW from this week.

Mustafa Ali said that all he needs is a laptop, a cell phone, and a secret. He just needs the click of a button and he can cause chaos.

Then Ali revealed that he watching from home all summer and he “learned all of your pathetic little secrets.” He confessed to being the “mysterious hacker on SmackDown.”

As we previously reported, WWE had absolutely zero plan to wrap the hacker storyline into the Retribution angle until VERY recently. This was done as a way to tie up loose ends.

Please click here for our extensive exclusive report on what really happened with that hacker storyline. You can check out Mustafa Ali’s promo below.

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