MAJOR SPOILER: WWE Planning Huge Storyline Reveal On RAW Tonight


WWE will sometimes drop an angle and hope that fans forget about it. They are actually circling back around to an idea to close up loose ends this week. Mustafa Ali was the SmackDown Mystery Hacker. Nothing happened with that storyline, but they have been able to find a way to wrap it around Ali’s current angle.

Ringside News provided an exclusive and in-depth report about what happened with the hacker storyline. When Ali was moved over to RAW they dropped the idea.

According to Fightful Select, WWE figured out a way to revive that dropped angle. Mustafa Ali will reveal himself as the mystery hacker during RAW tonight.

It was also confirmed that this was NOT INTENDED to be a focal point of the Retribution angle. WWE dropped that storyline and at the time of Ali’s reveal Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE had no plans to include the hacker storyline in this angle.

This new development was pitched as a “way to tie up loose ends.” Now fans will finally get some closure this week.

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