Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight is the go-home show for Hell in a Cell, and there’s plenty to get excited about.

Tonight’s show will be headlined by a Firefly Funhouse segment from Bray Wyatt, as well as Lana versus Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Wyatt and Alexa Bliss — who were drafted to the red brand — attacked Andrade and Zelina Vega last week. We’ll likely get the explanation as to why this evening. Lana pulled off a huge upset last week, winning a Battle Royal to become top contender for Asuka’s title. Will she shock the world tonight? We’ll see.

Braun Strowman and Keith Lee will also renew pleasantries two weeks after their brawl ended in a double count out, while Elias will host a concert for the fans and Jeff Hardy. Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre will also likely continue their brawl in the lead up to their Hell in a Cell match.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Cold open with a new RAW theme! It’s a banger. Tom Phillips welcomes everyone to the ThunderDome, and tees up tonight’s season opener. As he’s talking, The Fiend’s music hits. Alexa Bliss is in the ring, and says “Monday Night RAW, he’s here. Let him in!” The Fiend enters. As The Fiend gets to the ring, RETRIBUTION enter and surround the ring, led by Mustafa Ali. They go to attack The Fiend and Bliss, but the lights go dark. When they come back on, The Fiend and Bliss are gone.

The Hurt Business enter the ring now. It’s an all out brawl! Cedric Alexander hits a dive on all members of RETRIBUTION, who are on the outside. Commercial break.

Back live with a vignette hyping up Matt Riddle, who was drafted to RAW and faces AJ Styles tonight.

RETRIBUTION vs The Hurt Business

Back to the ring, where Bobby Lashley is brawling with Mace to start this eight-man tag. He takes him out, then moves onto T-Bar and Slapjack, who is now the legal man. Cedric is tagged in. He hits a slam for a two and throws Slapjack into the corner. MVP is tagged in, as Slapjack continues to be isolated. He lands some strikes and tags Cedric back in.

Mace and T-Bar walk over to the corner to intimidate Cedric, who’s on the top rope. The distraction is enough, as Slapjack throws Cedric off the top and tags in Mustafa Ali.

Ali targets the left arm of Cedric, and then hits a dropkick to the back of his head. Cedric reverses in the corner, but is crotched trying to go off the top rope. Ali slams Cedric’s head into the barricade on the outside, prompting both teams to jump off the apron and come face to face.

All of a sudden, The Fiend’s music hits again as we head to commercial.

Back live, the match is back on. Shelton Benjamin and Mace are hammering each other with shots. Shelton lands a German suplex and a high knee in the corner for a two. Shelton goes for a second pin and gets another near fall.

Pace is slowed down now, as Shelton snaps on a headlock. Mace is backed into the Hurt Business’ corner, as Lashley is tagged in. He wipes out all members of RETRIBUTION and lands a spine buster on Mace, followed by a spear to T-Bar who landed a blind tag.

Ali distracts Lashley, but it’s not enough to gain sustained momentum for T-Bar, who taps out to the hurt lock. Not the best way to try and get over a new faction, particularly in the case of T-Bar, who got minimal offence in.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Post-match, The Fiend enters once again and takes out everyone from RETRIBUTION, including a Sister Abigail to T-Bar, adding insult to injury. Commercial break.

Back live, as AJ Styles enters the ring with Jordan Omogbehin, who was the bodyguard for RAW Underground. Styles takes the mic and says RAW drafted a true leader. He bashes Seth Rollins, and says the real redemption of RAW was the “return of the prodigal son, me.” He notes how he beat Jeff Hardy and Rollins last week, proving that RAW was never Monday Night Rollins. Styles adds that when he beats Riddle tonight, he will “shepherd RAW into the future,” noting that it’s a new era on RAW, and it belongs to “the face that runs the place.”

Matt Riddle enters, as Styles and Omogbehin look on.

Matt Riddle vs AJ Styles

The ref asks Omogbehin to leave the ring, but he refuses. The ref says the match will end in a DQ if he doesn’t leave by five. He starts counting, but Omogbehin grabs his arm and looks at him menacingly, before finally leaving.

Match is on. Riddle lands kicks to the body of Styles and three gut wrench suplexes. He then clotheslines Styles over the top and goes to the apron for a kick, but Omogbehin walks in front of him. Distracted, Riddle slips on the apron as we head to commercial.

Back live, Styles is in control thanks to a gut buster. He slows the pace with a waist lock. Riddle gets up and counters into a low kick to the head. Riddle with flying elbows into the corner and a suplex.

Riddles goes for a senton, but Styles lands double knees. Both men land heavy punches. Riddle gets control with a final flash knee, but Styles hits an enziguri. Riddle stays up however and hits a deadlift German suplex. Riddle picks up Styles, but gets reversed into a fireman’s carry neck breaker. Pace is quickening here!

Commentary continues to put over Styles’ new bodyguard Omogbehin, who’s well over seven feet tall. Back to the ring, Riddle hits a fisherman buster suplex into a small package for a two after multiple counters.

Riddle to the top, but Styles halts him. Both men on the top rope now. They trade punches and both crash down hard. Omogbehin walks over to Riddle who’s on the outside. He gets distracted, allowing Styles hit a second enziguri and a Styles clash in the middle of the ring for the three.

Winner: AJ Styles

We get a video package summarizing Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre’s feud. Commercial break.

Back live with Drew, who’s being interviewed about the fact that he’s a rookie in Hell in a Cell matches, while Orton has lots of experience. McIntyre addresses Orton directly. He says that since he met him at age 20, it’s been obvious that Orton is the most “evil, sadistic, selfish and entitled individual in WWE.” He notes that Orton is intelligent. When McIntyre beat Orton at last month’s PPV, it should’ve been the end of the feud, but Orton took out McIntyre’s mentors, knowing that he has a temper problem and would accept a challenge at Hell in a Cell.

McIntyre then puts over the Hell in a Cell match. He says Orton thrives in that environment and against anyone else it would give him a massive advantage, but McIntyre isn’t like any other superstar. He says this Sunday there will be no honour or respect, because Orton doesn’t deserve any. “I will go through hell and I will put you through hell to remain WWE Champion. McIntyre also teases that he “might show up” during Orton’s promo later tonight.

Asuka vs Lana for the RAW Women’s Championship

Lana is out first, followed by Asuka. Quick pace early. Both women off the ropes. Lana goes for a roll-up but is reversed into the Asuka lock. Lana gets to the ropes.

Lana with kicks, Asuka counters with a kick that misses. Lana gets a roll up followed by another kick for a near fall. Lana lands shots in the corner, but Asuka hits an elbow and head kick. Forearm smashes by both women, Multiple counters now as Lana gets another roll up. Asuka reverses into another Asuka lock and Lana submits.

Winner and still champ: Asuka

Post-match, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler attack both women. For the fifth week in a row, Jax puts Lana through the announce table, while Baszler fights Asuka in the ring. Asuka reverses into a hip attack, sending Baszler to the outside. She then taunts both Jax and Baszler as she leaves. Commercial break.

Back live, Jax has the mic. She puts over her and Baszler’s “teamwork.” Baszler says that week after week, they come out and dominate. “We own the Women’s Tag Team Titles.” Jax puts out a challenge to any team in the back. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke come out, followed by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. Looks like they’re a team now.

The Riott Squad — who were drafted to SmackDown — have also entered.

Fatal four way tag match: Jax & Baszler vs Riott Squad vs Brooke & Rose vs Evans & Royce

Things break down right away. Everyone to the outside. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott go off the top, taking out the field. Commercial break.

Back live. Royce has control over Morgan. She goes to tag Evans, who isn’t paying attention. Morgan takes control, and tags in Riott. Her kick is reversed by Evans. She goes to the ropes, Rose makes the tag. Jax tags Riott out. Double team from Rose and Brooke on Jax is reversed into a suplex

Jax dives at Brooke and goes shoulder first into the corner. Rose tags in and lands a pump knee. Brooke tags in and hits a senton for two. Things break down again as Morgan and Jax are now legal. Morgan hits a drop kick as Evans tags in. It’s Evans and Morgan now. Riott and Morgan land a double team, including a Riott kick on Evans for two. Riott is now legal. Baszler takes out Riott with a choke though, as Jax tags in and hits a samoan drop on Evans for the win.

Winners: Jax & Baszler

We get a recap of Elias’ attack on Hardy. He delivers an “unforgettable concert” after the break.

Back live, Elias has his guitar and is ready to perform a song at the top of the stage. He hypes up his album “Universal Truth,” and will perform a song from it called “Amen.” He hopes Jeff Hardy is listening. Elias plays the song. This is somewhat reminiscent of when Jericho performed live during a feud with John Cena.

Elias thanks the WWE Universe, once again hypes his album and says “goodnight, I love none of you.”

Elias gets set to do another song. Someone in a hood does a sick guitar solo before he can start. It’s Jeff Hardy! He hits Elias with the guitar, saying he didn’t hit Elias with a car from months ago.

Backstage now with Miz and Morrison. Miz says he saved Mandy from Otis. Tucker walks over. He’s pissed. He says Miz used his influence to get Rose and Tucker moved to RAW. Tucker says he’s going to find a partner tonight and will “ruin” Miz and Morrison’s lives in a tag match. Miz and Morrison accept.

Kofi Kingston heads to the ring now. He’s in action after the break.

Back live, Elias is interviewed about Hardy’s attack. He says next Monday, he not only will celebrate his new album, but he will also celebrate dropping Jeff Hardy. That match will be at Hell in a Cell.

Back to the ring. Kingston and Xavier Woods have the mic. Woods is flabbergasted about how much things have changed recently. Sheamus comes out. He’s had problems with Big E as of late. He says it’s been four years since the New Day have been on RAW. With Big E on SmackDown, “both of you muppets will end up on the wrong end of a brogue kick.”

Kofi says The New Day will keep holding it down on both brands, and will spread their “sea of positivity” all over the WWE Universe. Sheamus says that the New Day is divided. “Divided you will fall.”

Woods reminds Sheamus that Big E gave him a “big fall” off the hood of a car. Kofi jokes about how ashy Sheamus is. Woods invites Sheamus to come to the ring to get a beating from another member of the New Day.

Sheamus vs Kofi

Match is on. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. He goes off the ropes and gets hit with a dropkick for a two. Both men land heavy strikes. Irish whip to Kingston reversed. Multiple reversals now as Sheamus gets taken over the top.

Kofi with a dive but Sheamus catches him and throws him back-first onto the apron. Commercial.

Back live, Sheamus works over Kofi heavy for a number of minutes, including a jaw breaker. Kingston reverses out of the corner into a cave-in. Both men off the ropes, Kofi drops Sheamus and hits a boom drop, followed shortly after by a cross-body.

Kofi off the top, but Sheamus uses his power again with a boss man slam for a two. Kofi reverses an attempted clover leaf and goes off the ropes, but he’s countered into a second clover leaf. Kofi battles out, but Sheamus picks him up. Kofi eventually reverses into a roll-up for two.

Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but Sheamus reverses and once again uses his power, hitting an Alabama slam for a near fall. The perseverance of Kofi on full display here in a solid match.

Sheamus goes for white noise from the middle rope. Kofi evades and hits a Russian leg sweep from the top as both men fall down. Kofi gets a two.

Both men slowly make their way up. Kofi goes for SOS, but Sheamus reverses into a roll-up for a two. He goes for the Irish curse back breaker, but Kofi reverses into a roll-up of his own. He then gets up and hits trouble in paradise for the three. Great match.

Winner: Kofi

We get a replay of The Hurt Business beating RETRIBUTION, and the appearance of The Fiend post-match.

Backstage with RETRIBUTION. Ali says The Hurt Business made a big mistake, thinking his only power was strength in numbers. “My power is creating chaos. You all have no idea how much chaos I can create. All I need is a laptop, a cell phone, a secret. With one click, I can make anyone’s world come crashing down. I’ve learned how to embrace that power.” Ali makes it clear that he was the hacker.

He goes on. “Over this past year while I was sitting at home, because this corrupt company couldn’t figure out how to make a buck off of someone named Mustafa Ali, I wasn’t just watching the show. I was watching each and every one of these spineless superstars as they plotted and backstabbed each other just to get ahead. I learned all of your pathetic secrets. That mysterious hacker on SmackDown was me. I wanted the entire world to know that this sick place is infecting everyone with greed and corruption.”

Ali notes how talented individuals have been abandoned. He says he found them, and promises that their truth will be heard. He makes a challenge to all, saying that if they try to stop the truth from being heard, that RETRIBUTION will shut them down.”

The Miz and Morrison head to the ring. They face Tucker and a mystery partner after the break.

Back live with The Hurt Business. Titus O’Neil enters, saying he’d be a hell of an addition to the group, adding he could take them “worldwide.” MVP says they’re in business, but it turns out to be a ploy as The Hurt Business attack Titus!

Back to the ring, The Miz tells Tucker to bring out his partner. Tucker enters, he says he scoured the globe to find one of the world’s “premier luchadors.” It’s El Grand Gordo, also known as Otis under a mask.

The Miz and Morrison clearly know that it’s Otis, who is holding the money in the bank lunchbox. Miz says Otis doesn’t deserve to hold the Money in the Bank contract, because he’s not the right material. “You spit on everyone who’s ever held the money in the bank contract. That contract changed my career, and you are wasting it.”

The Miz says Otis is a joke. He notes how he’s been with the company for 15 years, beating all forms of competition.. He explains that Otis is an underdog, and that when people call him that, it’s code for feeling sorry for him. The Miz says that the court case will go in his favour because he knows how to work the system. He concludes by saying that he will return prestige to the money in the bank briefcase and that Otis is a pig.

Tucker and Otis crash the ring. They clear The Miz and Morrison. That match will happen after the break.

Otis (El Grand Gordo) & Tucker vs Miz and Morrison

Match is on. Tucker takes momentum early, but Morrison regains control with a kick. Double team in the corner to Tucker followed by a tandem gut buster. Miz is now the legal man. Quick tag back to Morrison as both men land kicks.

Tucker tries to fight back as Otis paces the apron. Morrison hooks in an arm bar, but Tucker reverses. Morrison secures another submission hold. Tucker fights out, knocking down Miz and Morrison. Miz is now legal,

Otis is tagged in. He clotheslines Morrison over the top. Otis with a flying arm drag off the middle rope followed by a power slam to Miz. Morrison breaks up the count, but Tucker hits him with a gut wrench, Big boot from Miz sends Tucker outside.

Miz goes for the skull crushing finale, but R-Truth runs into the ring with the 24/7 title and then promptly leaves as Tozawa and Gulak chase him. Otis takes advantage of the distraction, hitting the caterpillar and a Vader bomb off the middle rope for the win.

Winners: Tucker and Otis (El Grand Gordo)

We get some hype for Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse segment as we head to commercial.

Back live, as Tucker and Otis are backstage with The New Day. Mandy Rose with a ham for Otis. Very funny.

Firefly Funhouse segment

Bray Wyatt enters, saying he can’t wait to make some new friends on RAW. There’s a replay of The Fiend from earlier, and Wyatt says it looks like things are off to a great start. Ramblin Rabbit says this is all about fresh starts.

Wyatt says that going forward, he promises to be a better friend, as we get a throwback of Ramblin Rabbit getting massacred on numerous occasions. “After all, the past is in our heads, but the future is in our hands.”

Ramblin Rabbit says all he ever wanted was a fresh start, as he gets devoured once again. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Alexa Bliss! Wyatt says “it looks like I saved the best for last.” Bliss adds “our fun is just getting started.” Great segment.

Back to the ring, where Braun Strowman is entering for his match against Keith Lee. That’s up after the break.

Back live for a replay of Strowman and Lee’s brawl from two weeks ago. Lee enters now.

Braun Strowman vs Keith Lee

The pair lock up. Strowman takes control with big bombs in the corner. Lee gets taken over the top. Strowman goes for a running tackle on the outside, which drives Lee into the apron. Both men are back in the ring now.

Strowman goes for a power slam, but can’t finish it off due to the injured ribs suffered on Friday at the hands of Roman Reigns. Lee on the move, he lands a splash on the damaged midsection of Strowman.

Lee grinds his shoulder into the midsection of Strowman in the corner. He goes for an Irish whip, but Strowman counters. He goes for a running tackle in the corner, but misses. Lee takes Strowman off his feet with a cross-body, and goes for a spirit bomb, but Strowman refuses to get lifted up, and hits a low blow on Lee with his head followed by a kick to the face for the win. Interesting.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Post-match, Lee is livid. He kicks Strowman in the nuts, saying “monster, meet the dragon. You have tangled with the wrong man.” Commercial break.

Back live, the cell is lowered as Randy Orton enters for a final address. He locks the cell behind him. He’s looking to show that the cell is his den. Orton grabs a chair, sits down and reflects on his experiences inside the cell.

He notes how he’s had seven matches inside the cell, and, unlike others, has never left a piece of himself inside. He has simply understood himself better each time he walked out the door, knowing what he’s fully capable of.

“As I sit here, I remember. I remember standing toe-to-toe with the world’s strongest man. I remember surviving the celtic warrior. I remember mutilating Jeff Hardy and I remember beating Daniel Bryan. I remember facing John Cena twice, I remember becoming WWE Champion twice, but the most important thing I remember is standing in this hell and looking the deadman in the eye, earning his respect.”

Orton notes how every person he’s been in the cell with will be in the hall of fame. Orton, when he thinks of the hall of fame, thinks of legend. “The word legend, it gets thrown around these days rather loosely. There’s legends, and then there’s legendary moments.” Orton starts talking about how McIntyre beating Brock Lesnar was a legendary moment, but McIntyre interrupts.

McIntyre tries to get into the cell, with Orton taunting him. “Break the lock. Come get me.”

McIntyre grabs bolt cutters from behind the barricade and unlocks the door! Orton arms himself with a chair as McIntyre closes the door. We fade to black with both men in the cell.

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