Lana Expected To Turn Into MASSIVE Babyface On WWE RAW


WWE put Lana in a very unique position recently. Most of those positions were flat on her back after taking a bump through the announce table. There were some fans who thought that WWE was burying Lana, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Miro going to AEW was not the reason why Lana was crushed on RAW. At the time they wanted to make Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax look powerful. They kept the act up and Lana continued taking hard bumps. Now she’s in line for a RAW Women’s Title match.

Asuka will face Lana for the RAW Women’s Title, and Asuka has been playing quite a bully online. Lana broke into tears in an amazing online promo where she ripped into Asuka for being a mean person.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the belief within WWE is that the company is about to push Lana into a “massive babyface” role.

The company belief is that this show turned Lana babyface because she was put through a table four times and came back to win the Battle Royal. The term massive babyface was even used. We shall see. 

WWE obviously sees money in Lana. They signed her to a new multi-million dollar five-year contract last year.

The fact that Lana has more TikTok followers than any other WWE Superstar is also something that they would be foolish to ignore. Now it looks like WWE is finally putting Lana in a sympathetic role to get her over into babyface territory. Stay tuned.

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