Lana Breaks Into Real Tears While Cutting Passionate Promo On Asuka


Asuka laughed at Lana training for their RAW Women’s Title match. That hit home with Lana in a big way.

The Ravishing Russian posted a new video online where she broke into tears about Asuka laughing at her. She’s heard it before, and wondered if it makes Asuka happy to laugh at her as she did.

For Lana, Asuka represents “all the mean people out there.” Asuka laughed at Lana and doesn’t take her seriously. She is the same to Lana as anyone who has ever betrayed her.

Things could get serious with Lana as she faces Asuka for the RAW Women’s Title. Let’s see if Vince McMahon gets an eye on this promo so it can make a difference to how they book it.

Lana put a lot into this promo and she has a ton of passion to kick Asuka’s head off her shoulders. She certainly showed off some impressive acting ability if she was faking it.

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