AEW Planning To Tape Multiple Episodes Of Dynamite With Each Live Crowd

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AEW is bringing fans back to Dynamite, but they will only fill up to 15% of Daily’s Place. This will still give All Elite Wrestling a lot more voices in the crowd.

The plan isn’t to alter AEW’s taping schedule too much. They will have live fans there, but those fans might be in for a couple shows.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that AEW will still tape two weeks’ worth of television content from Daily’s Place as a part of each taping.

The plan right now is to continue taping two weeks at a time most of the time, limiting production costs as well as travel and its risks since a large percentage of the roster is on the West Coast. It’s the decision right now that makes the most economic sense.

Spoilers have ruined some surprises from AEW’s television tapings in the past. A recent “leak” was dismissed as fake. Then the idea was floated out there that AEW put out a false leak on purpose so people will stop listening to spoilers. This is an interesting situation, but it seems that fans who buy a ticket to see AEW Dynamite live will get more than their money’s worth.

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