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We move one week closer to NXT TakeOver: XXX and the card for TakeOver looks like it is beginning to take shape. Tonight’s show will likely have major implications for the next edition of TakeOver, so let’s run down the card.

First up, Imperium will defend their NXT Tag Team Titles against Bobby Fish and the returning Kyle O’Reilly. After Adam Cole lost the NXT Championship and Roderick Strong failed to advance in to the NXT North American Championship ladder match, Fish and O’Reilly will look to get Undisputed Era back in winning ways.

In another match will championship implications, Dakota Kai will take on Rhea Ripley in a match to determine the #1 contender to Io Shirai’s NXT Women’s Championship. Ripley was last seen at the Great American Bash, defeating Robert Stone and Aliyah, while Kai has had the NXT Women’s Champion in her sights for weeks now, but who will come out on top?


Further down the card, Bronson Reed looks to gain more momentum heading into the biggest match of his NXT career as he will take on Shane Thorne. Throne hasn’t been seen since his debut on Monday Night Raw weeks ago, and this is likely just a match to put over Reed, but maybe Thorne can eke out a win and get himself in the ladder match at TakeOver.

Also on the card, NXT Champion Keith Lee will take on The Technical Savage Cameron Grimes. Lee and Grimes have met once before, and Grimes stuck his nose in Lee’s business last week when Lee called out Karrion Kross. Will Kross use this match to lure out the NXT Champion? We’ll find out.

For the final match announced tonight, Oney Lorcan, Damian Priest, and the debuting Ridge Holland will face off to determine who will be added to the ladder match at NXT TakeOver. With previous victors of Bronson Reed and Dexter Lumis, NXT appears to be trying to set up new stars and building for the future, so tonight could be a huge win for Priest or Holland, but Oney Lorcan could also add some veteran experience to the match. Which of these three men would you most like to see win? Comment below!

Finally, Pat McAfee is set to appear on NXT tonight to address what happened on The Pat McAfee Show weeks ago when Adam Cole stormed out of an interview. Many have wondered if this was real or scripted, and some have even speculated if this is building to a match between Cole and a representative for McAfee at NXT TakeOver: XXX. Hopefully we will get some answers as to where this is going tonight on the show.

This looks to be another packed edition of NXT, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM, EST!

Opening Segment

A recap of last week’s events that lead to this week, including Keith Lee being confronted by Cameron Grimes.

Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship

Ripley has the clear strength advantage over Kai and tosses her down to the ground. Kai forces Ripley down to her knees and chops at her chest, but Ripley is unphased. Ripley comes back with a series of ripcord clotheslines and a standing dropkick.

Kai retreats into a corner and Ripley gives chase, chopping at Kai’s chest. Ripley kicks away at Kai’s legs and continues to chop at Kai, landing a strong strike to Kai’s midsection as well. Ripley hits a delayed vertical suplex for two.

Ripley runs the ropes and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster on Kai, covering her for two again. Ripley gets kai up in a corner and they trade punches, but Ripley gets the upperhand and grounds Kai with punches. Ripley pulls at Kai’s hair and gets a body scissors in on Kai. Kai rolls Ripley back and pins her, but Ripley forces Kai back forward and punches away at Kai’s back

Ripley uses the hair again and transitions into a pinfall attempt for two. Kai and Ripley get to their feet, but Ripley grounds Kai with a huge clothesline. Ripley picks up Kai and Kai strikes back at Ripley, but kicks at Kai’s midsection. Kai and Ripley run to the side of the ring and Kai rolls out. Kai tries to pull Ripley out of the ring, but Ripley kicks Kai in the face.

Ripley gets out of the ring and kicks at Kai again. Ripley gets Kai in an electric chair outside of the ring and drops Kai face first onto the apron. Ripley quickly gets Kai back in the ring and pins her for two and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ripley rolls up Kai for two. Kai hits Ripley with a pump kick to the face and covers Ripley for two. Kai locks in an abdominal stretch. Kai rolls into a pinfall attempt for two. Kai goes for a kick, but Ripley dodges and hits Kai with a kick of her own.

Kai runs at Ripley and Ripley takes Kai down with clotheslines and knees to the face. Ripley hits Kai with a dropkick to the back of the neck and gets Kai in an electric chair, then drops Kai on her face, pinning her for two.

Kai and Ripley trade shots. Ripley hits Kai with an elbow and Kai hits Ripley with a scorpion kick. Kai runs at Ripley and Ripley pops Kai up, letting her fall directly on her face. Ripley pins Kai for two. Ripley geos for a Riptide, but Kai reverses into a DDT and covers Ripley for two.

Kai goes for the Kairopractor and Ripley reverses with a big boot. Ripley gets Kai in the Prism Trap, but Kai hits a hurricanrana and sends Ripley face first into the middle turnbuckle. Kai hits a facewash kick on Ripley, sending her to the apron. Kai goes for a superplex but Ripley lands a shot on Kai’s face and knocks her to the apron.

As Kai falls to the apron, Mercedes Martinez comes from nowhere out of the audience and kicks Ripley in her face. The referee was checking on Kai, so he missed the surprise attack. Kai takes advantage of the attack and hits Ripley with a Go to Kick, then pins RIpley for three.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai retreats up the ramp and celebrates. Ripley gets to her feet in the ring and Mercedes Martinez gets in the ring and attacks Ripley.

We see the Undisputed Era arriving at the arena earlier today, then we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and we see footage from earlier today of Pat McAfee speaking with Shawn Michaels at the performance center.

Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne

Thorne and Reed lock up, and Reed pushes Thorne into the corner. The referee forces a break. Shane nails Reed with a series of forearms to the face, but Reed is unphased. Reed hits Throne with forearms to the face and runs the ropes, but Thorne hits a dropkick onto Reed.

Reed rolls out of the ring and Thorne hits a tope onto Reed. Reed hits a full nelson slam on Thorne onto the ring apron, then rolls him back in the ring. Reed goes to the top rope, but Thorne blocks him. Thorne hits a leaping palm strike on Reed, then goes to the top and goes for a superplex.

Reed pushes Thorne off the ropes, but Thorne lands on his feet. Thorne hits a running senton on Reed, then hits Reed with a shining wizard, pinning him for two.

Thorne gets Reed to his feet and hits a headbutt on Thorne. Reed picks up Thorne in a military press and then drops him, followed by a senton. Reed pins Thorne for two. Reed picks up Thorne in a fireman’s carry, but Thorne escapes. Thorne hits Reed with a kick to the head and blows to the upper body, but Reed stays on his feet.

Thorne runs the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Reed dodges and hits a clothesline of his own on Thorne. Reed hits Thorne with a Death Valley Driver. Reed goes to the top and hits his Tsunami Splash on Thorne, then covers him for three.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Breezango are shown arriving earlier outside the arena when they are attacked by Legado del Fantasma. They pull up in an SUV and attack Breeze and Fandango. They toss Fandango into the back of the SUV and drive off.

We get a promo for the upcoming triple threat match between Damian Priest, Oney Lorcan, and Ridge Holland up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and Robert Stone, Aliyah, and Mercedes Martinez are interviewed about Martinez’s involvement in the #1 contender’s match, and Stone says, “Rhea Ripley may be done with the Robert Stone Brand, but the Robert Stone Brand is not done with Rhea Ripley.”

Damian Priest vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Ridge Holland in a Qualifying Match for the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match

Lorcan and Holland focus on each other, but Priest answers with kicks to both Lorcan and Holland. Holland runs at Priest but Priest evades and Holland hits Lorcan. Priest hits Holland with a leaping flatliner, then hits Lorcan with a sries of strikes.

Holland hits Priest with a kick and strikes, sending Priest out of the ring. Holland gives chase, but Lorcan hits a tope onto both men to the outside. Lorcan rolls Holland back in the ring and goes for a diving crossbody from the top rope, but Holland catches him and hits him with a suplex. Priest runs back in the ring, but Holland also hits Priest with a suplex, sending Priest out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Holland and Priest are trading blows. Lorcan comes out of nowhere off the top rope and hits a dive onto both men. Lorcan hits a double blockbuster on Priest and Holland, then pins Holland for two. Priest goes for a kick on Lorcan but Lorcan catches the leg and gets him in a single leg Boston crab.

Priest kicks him off and Lorcan hits a European uppercut on Holland and Priest, then pins Priest for two. Priest runs out of the ring and Lorcan runs at Holland, but Holland takes Lorcan down with a high angle pounce. Holland hits Lorcan with a powerslam and pins him for two.

Priest gets back in the ring and goes for The Reckoning on Holland, but Holland escapes and hits a gutwrench suplex on Priest. Holland pins Priest, but Lorcan breaks up the pin. Holland picks up Lorcan and Lorcan hits Holland with some chops, but Holland takes Lorcan down with a forearm.

Lorcan gets back to his feet and hits Holland with chops and a pair of European uppercuts. Priest caught Lorcan and was looking for The Reckoning, but Lorcan evades and runs the ropes.

Holland catches him and turns him inside out with a clothesline, but Priest hits Holland with a single armed chokeslam bomb. Priest waits for Lorcan to get to his feet and then hits Lorcan with The Reckoning, then pins him for the victory.

Winner: Damian Priest

Up next, Keith Lee vs. Cameron Grimes, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we see social media images of Pat McAfee and Adam Cole appearing to mend their relationship.

NXT Champion Keith Lee vs. Cameron Grimes (Non-Title Match)

Lee’s usual jovial demeanor is missing as Lee makes his way down to the ring. Lee calmly and slowly takes off his jacket to start the match. Grimes retreats to the corner and rolls out of the ring. The referee forces him back and Grimes gets back in the ring.

Grimes measures up Lee by dancing around him, but when Lee approaches, Grimes rolls out of the ring again and the referee forces Lee back. Grimes gets back in the ring and goes for a single leg takedown on Lee, but Lee is unmoved. Lee gets Grimes in a front headlock, but tosses him to the ground when Grimes gets to the ropes.

Grimes hits Lee with a series of forearm strikes on Lee, but Lee grabs Grimes and tosses him into the ropes, then takes Grimes to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Lee grabs Grimes’ leg and pulls him into the middle of the ring. Grimes kicks Lee in the face and gets to his feet, then runs the ropes, but Lee takes Grimes down with a shoulder tackle again.

Lee whips Grimes hard into the corner, sending Grimes over the top rope and outside of the ring. Lee smiles for the first time in the match and rolls out of the ring. Lee runs at Grimes, but Grimes hits Lee with a dropkick to the legs. Grimes pushes Lee into the steel ring steps, then hits a moonsault onto Lee from the top rope to the outside and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Lee and Grimes are in the ring. Lee is laying into Grimes with a diving crossbody, covering Grimes for two. Lee picks up Grimes for the Spirit Bomb, but Grimes escapes. Lee picks up Grimes again in a fireman’s carry, but Grimes escapes. Grimes rolls up Lee for two.

Grimes hits Lee with a forearm, but Lee was unphase. Lee goes for a pounce on Grimes, but Grimes dodges. Grimes runs for the ropes and hits a diving crossbody on Lee from top, but Lee catches him. Grimes escapes Lee’s clutches again and they run the ropes at each other. Grimes ends up on top of Lee and covers him for two.

Grimes stalks Lee from the corner, hoping to hit a Cave In. Grimes runs at Lee and jumps, but Lee catches him and hits a double chop on Grimes’s chest. Grimes falls to the mat and Lee picks him up. Grimes hits Lee with a chop and a series of strikes. Lee is unphased and again hits a double chop on Grimes’s chest, then hits a series of short arm clotheslines on Grimes.

Grimes struggles to get to his feet, and Lee catches him, then hits the Spirit Bomb on Grimes, pinning him for three.

Winner: Keith Lee

As Keith Lee celebrates in the ring, the lights go out. Karrion Kross comes on screen and says that he hasn’t seen Regal, and, since Lee is the man who can make this happen, “all of this is one you.” The camera pulls back on Kross is standing over the body of a Danny Burch. Kross says, “Tick tock,” and walks away.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are shown warming up backstage with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, with Fish and O’Reilly warming up for their match tonight as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we run down the current card for NXT TakeOver: XXX, including the NXT Women’s Championship between Io Shirai and Dakota Kai.

William Regal tells us that Dexter Lumis was injured during the triple threat and will not be able to compete. To fix this, the four men in their triple threat matches who were not pinned or submitted will compete in two singles matches, and the winners of those matches will advance to the ladder match.

The music for Legado del Fantasma hits and they enter the arena from the audience. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde are dragging Fandango out while Santos Escobar is on the mic. Escobar says that they are trying to show how serious the lucha libre culture is, while Tyler Breeze and Fandango mocked the culture.

Legado del Fantasma toss Fandango into the ring and they start an attack on Fandango, but before they can get too far, Tyler Breeze runs down. The numbers game is too much for Breeze, and they take him down as well. They lay Fandango’s body over Breeze’s in the middle of the ring.

Escobar looks into the ring and calls out Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, saying, “Speak my name again, and this,” he looks back at Breeze and Fandango in the middle of the ring, “will be your future.” Legado del Fantasma stand over a downed Breezango.

We get a video package hyping up the NXT Tag Team Championship match for later tonight, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Damian Priest talks about how he is going to walk out of TakeOver as champion. Bronson Reed walks up behind him and congratulates him on his win. Priest confronts him and says that Reed needs to get any high aspiratiosn out of his head. They come face to face and challenge each other to a match, “any time.”

Pat McAfee is on commentary with Tom Phillips. McAfee says that he is glad to be back in the good graces of the entire NXT family, and it seems like McAfee will be on commentary for the remainder of the show.

Tegan Nox vs. Indi Hartwell

Nox lands a forearm in Indi’s face, and lays into her with clubbing blows to the back, but Indi picks up Tegan and drops her on the top rope. Hartwell covers Nox for two. Hartwell gets Nox in a headlock, but Nox fights to her feet.

Hartwell tosses Nox into the corner and takes her down with a shoulder tackle, then pins her for two again. Hartwell grounds Nox in another headlock and Nox tries fighting to her feet again. Nox rolls up Hartwell for a two. Hartwell lands a kick to Nox’s head and pins Nox for two.

Hartwell runs at Nox in the corner, but Nox gets her feet up and pushes her back. Nox runs at Hartwell and tackles her, mounting her with punches. Hartwell gets to the corner and Nox stomps away at her, then hits a cannonball senton in the corner. Nox follows it up with a Shiniest Wizard, pinning Hartwell for three.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Imperium are shown backstage getting ready for their tag team title match, which is up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and we are told that Kushida, Cameron Grimes, and a mystery opponent will face off in the final triple threat match for a spot in the NXT North American Championship ladder match. Also, Bronson Reed and Damian Priest will go head-to-head, as will Karrion Kross and Danny Burch.

NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium (Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner) vs. Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong accompany Fish and O’Reilly down to the ring. O’Reilly and Aichner start the match. They trade blows and kicks, but O’Reilly gets the upper hand. O’Reilly pins Aichner in their corner and tags in BobbyFish.

Fish kicks away at Aichner. Fish lays into Aichner with a series of knee stirkes. Fish runs the ropes and goes for a crossbody on Aichner, but Aichner catches Fish and slams him down, covering him for one.

Aichner bars Fish’s left arm, but Fish gets to his feet. He pushes Aichner into Imperium’s corner, and Marcel Barthel tags in. Barthel goes right back to Fish’s left arm. Fish takes Barthel down with a kick to the legs. O’Reilly tags in and they take Barthel down.

Bobby Fish tags back in and hits a diving senton onto Barthel from the apron, then pins him for two. Aichner tags in and they take down Bobby Fish. On commentary, Pat McAfee seems to be rubbing Beth Phoenix the wrong way, to the point where she even say, “I’m out.” Tom Phillips implies that Adam Cole can hear McAfee on commentary, and McAfee says that he isn’t worried because he isn’t saying anything that Cole doesn’t know. Cole looks towards McAfee and Phillips at the commentary table as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial break and Aichner has Fish in a body scissors. Adam Cole is staring daggers into McAfee from ringside. Fish tosses Aichner out of the ring. Roderick Strong tries to get Adam Cole to pay attention to the match, but Cole isn’t having it.

Fish and Barthel tag in and Fish takes down Barthel and Aichner. Fish lays in a series of strikes and kicks, fighting off both Aichner and Marthel. O’Reilly sends Aichner to the outside with a strike, then hits a dragon screw on Barthel, catching Barhtel’s leg in the ropes.

O’Reilly hits a diving knee drop on Barhtel from the top rope then locks in a knee bar on Barthel. Barhtle raches the ropes and Bobby Fish immediately attacks Barthel’s arm with a diving headbutt. O’Reilly drags Barthel back into the middle of the ring, but Aichner breaks up the hold with a moonsault.

Cole walks over to McAfee on commentary and tells him to chill out. McAfee taunts him and Cole tosses a water bottle on him. Cole tells Pat to “do something,” but referees, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels come down to separate them.

Undisputed Era are distracted by what’s happening at ringside and they use the distraction to take down O’Reilly, send him out of the ring, and hit a European Bomb on Fish, pinning him and retaining the titles.

Winners: Imperium

At ringside, McAfee is being escorted out of the arena. McAfee dodges the referees and runs back over to Adam Cole. McAfee says that Cole is always going to be a “itty bitty little bitch,” then he kicks Cole in the head, turning full heel. Cole is passed out of the floor, and McAfee is celebrating. He is escorted out of the building as he says, “Very unprofessional place you got running here.” Shawn Michaels checks out Adam Cole, who is still passed out, as NXT goes off the air.

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