FTR Reveals Big Plans Outside Of AEW


FTR’s time in AEW is just getting started, but they didn’t sign real contracts. They also have their eyes set on other pro wrestling destinations.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Cash Wheeler discussed FTR’s plans for the future. Their first priority is to “smack the piss out of Kenny Omega” because he poured out their beer. This interview took place prior to Fight For The Fallen where they poured their beer over The Cleaner.

FTR wants to become AEW World Tag Team Champions as well. Their ambition doesn’t stop there because they want to prove that they are Top Guys wherever they like as well.

“First, we got to smack the piss out of Kenny Omega for pouring out our beer. First and foremost, we’ve said we’re the best tag team on the planet for a long time. We’ve proved it time and time again, but, right now, our sights obviously are going to be set on tag team gold. When you’re the champions, you get the pay raise. You get all the perks that come with it. We want to be AEW Tag Team Champions. We want to just run through the entire division and have anybody that wants to step up to us. Because that’s what we do. We prove it in the ring. We can prove it wherever you want, but when it comes down to it, we want to get in that ring, lace up our boots, and do what we do.”

Dax Harwood confirmed their desires to wrestle outside of AEW. They already have a few opponents that they can’t wait to tangle with in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Dax also wants to wrestle The North in Impact Wrestling and the Briscoes in ROH.

“The advantage that we have as far as not being officially signed yet is we can look broader than AEW. Obviously, the match everyone is waiting for is the Young Bucks. We’re waiting for that too. After we beat Kenny Omega and Adam Page and become AEW Tag Team Champions, the next step is to beat the Young Bucks and put on the match that everyone’s been waiting for and then officially we can be called the greatest tag team in the world.

“On top of all that, there are guys we’re excited to face and to test out skills against. And that’s like The North. Those guys are an incredible tag team. We looked forward to working with those guys.

“Obviously, for a few years, we’ve gotten tagged a lot about FTR and the Briscoes. Those guys are from Sandy Fork, and that’s okay. We’re from North Carolina. I guarantee you, I promise you with all ten of my fingers and all ten of Dash’s finger, we can beat the hell out of them easy. I would love to test my skill and grit against them.

“Across the pond over in New Japan, Juice Robinson and Dave Finley. That’s a team we are looking forward to working with. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa.

“Ultimately, we want to stack up tag team gold. so before everything’s all said and done, people can say, “You know what? Tully and Arn were one of the greatest, Midnight Express were one of the greatest, but FTR is the best we’ve ever seen.”

FTR have a lot of goals, but the current issue with the coronavirus pandemic is keeping them out of Japan. NWA was also a rumored landing pad for the Top Guys, but they’re not filming new episodes. Billy Corgan did make it very clear that they are not shutting their doors.

Where do you want to see FTR end up next? Sound off in the comments below!

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