There is a rumor going around that AJ Styles was upset at Paul Heyman over the release of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Phenomenal One was quick to shut that rumor down. He also called Heyman a “bold-faced liar.”

Dave Meltzer chimed into a conversation on the Wrestling Observer Forum where he explained that Heyman wasn’t consulted prior to those roster cuts. Vince McMahon does what he wants in WWE, because it is his company.

Heyman and Prichard could argue all day about who they wanted to keep. At the end of the day Vince McMahon was going to release people who were under huge deals like Anderson and Gallows.

“These cuts were all Vince. In the end, all cuts are, but these were not cuts asked for and rubber stamped by Vince, these were Vince cuts who then came to others after and told them. Nobody even got names until after Vince made the decisions. Perhaps Paul & Bruce could have argued, and perhaps they did and perhaps they didn’t because you have to be very careful picking your spots. But when it comes to guys Vince had buyers remorse on the size of the deal, they weren’t changing his mind.”

Anderson and Gallows are already working on their next project. They taped their Talk ‘N Shop event the other day and plenty of former WWE Superstars were there.

WWE had to release a lot of Superstars and even more backstage employees elsewhere in the company. Other companies were able to avoid firing employees. Impact Wrestling even applied for a PPP loan to keep from laying people off. Vince McMahon’s mind was made up about those April 15th releases and nothing was going to change that.

Felix Upton

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