WWE Called Up NXT Superstar In January, But They Haven’t Debuted


WWE apparently called up an NXT Superstar to the main roster, but they haven’t done anything with her yet. This would explain where Vanessa Bourne has been for the past few months.

According to Fightful, Vanessa Bourne was called up to the main roster in January or February. They just haven’t been able to figure out what to do with her.

Bourne’s situation was described as “compared to that of Riddick Moss.” He was called up to the main roster after signing a new deal. Unlike Moss, who debuted on the main roster before leaving, Bourne went home and hasn’t been back since.

Borne was actually called up as far back as January or February, which explains why she hasn’t appeared on NXT at all since then. However, she’s still not made her main roster debut.

Paul Heyman’s firing could have caused some big issues for Bourne as well. The removal of Heyman caused WWE to change around a lot of their plans.

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