Likely Manager For Nyla Rose In AEW Revealed


Nyla Rose won a handicap squash match at AEW Fyter Fest. Then she grabbed the microphone and revealed that she won’t be alone soon enough. Who is she bringing in?

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Nyla Rose revealed that she will have a manager in AEW. Some fans suggested Madusa since she teased AEW interest, but Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that another woman likely got the role.

He proposed that Vickie Guerrero will take the spot as Nyla Rose’s manager. That would make sense because Vickie has the chops to be a manager, and she’s no stranger to the microphone.

WWE also blackballed Vickie Guerrero for showing up at an AEW event. She had guests from WWE on her podcast, but that stopped too.

AEW has a lot of managers which seems to be the opposite to their opposition operating in Orlando. We’ll have to see if this strategy is more effective in garnering a response from fans.

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