Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Fyter Fest Night Two. You can see the results of Night One, right here.

Tonight’s show was supposed to feature the AEW Championship bout between Jon Moxley and Brian Cage, but that’s been postponed until next week’s Fight For The Fallen. Instead, the main event tonight will see Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defend the AEW Tag Team Titles against Private Party.

The match most AEW fans are excited for tonight is Orange Cassidy Vs. Chris Jericho. This match was put together to capitalize on the two men that draw the most ratings, but oddly enough, it’s been a bit of a dud thus far. Hopefully both men deliver between the ropes.

Other matches tonight include FTR and The Young Bucks Vs. Lucha Bros. and The Butcher & The Blade, The Dark Order & Colt Cabana Vs. SCU, Lance Archer Vs. Joey Janela, and Nyla Rose against an unnamed opponent. Rumour has it Cody will defend the TNT Championship against someone on the show, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s AEW Fyter Fest Night 2. Follow along here and join us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

Fyter Fest

Night Two of AEW Fyter Fest opens with what we were told was to be the main event tonight, the Tag Title match.

AEW World Tag Team Championships

(C) Kenny Omega & Hangman Page Vs. Private Party W/Matt Hardy

Omega starts the match against Marq Quen, and the “veteran” gets knocked down by a dropkick. Omega takes a headlock and tags Page, so the two of them can hit chops to the chest and back while Quen squeals. Kassidy is knocked from the apron and Hardy tries to give advice as Page and Omega continue to beat on Quen. Omega attempts a Kitaro Crusher but Quen avoids it and drops him, then takes a minute to stare around before tagging Kassidy.

Private Party hit Silly String, but then Hangman pulls Quen off the apron and powerbombs him over the barricade into Jurassic Express. Kassidy then hits a dropkick through the ropes to Page, then hits a springboard tope off the middle rope to wipe him out again. Kassidy goes back inside and looks for a senton to Omega but hits knees.

Omega hits a snap dragon suplex to Kassidy, then Quen runs in and hits an enziguiri. Page runs in and turns Quen inside out with a big boot, then hits a lariat to both in the corner. Omega hits a forearm, then throws Quen into a German suplex by Hangman. Private Party hit a double Spanish fly to Omega for a two-count.

Omega and Kassidy trade punches until Kenny gets hit with a backbreaker and makes the tag Omega chops both men over and over. Omega hits a fireman’s slam, monkey flips Quen onto Kassidy, then Hangman powerbombs Quen onto Kassidy. Page throws Isiah outside, then looks for a fallaway slam but Private Party team up to beat him down with kicks.

Kassidy flips off the apron onto Omega, then Quen goes up top and looks for a 450 but Page avoids it. Page looks for the Buckshot but Kassidy gets underneath him and flips him back over the ropes. Kassidy hits a DDT onto the ramp, then Quen goes right back up top and hits a shooting star press but Kenny breaks the pin attempt.

Private Party look for Gin and Juice but Omega hits a V-Trigger to Quen and Page powerbombs Kassidy off the top. They then hit The Last Call for the win and retain.

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

The announcers run down the card for tonight’s show, and announce that up next Lance Archer will face Joey Janela.

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Cody will be on Hot Ones, the game show on TNT, on July 14th. So if you want to see Cody eat super spicy wings, then keep that in your calendar.

Lance Archer W/Jake Roberts Vs. Joey Janela W/Sonny Kiss

Archer brought Sonny out on his shoulders and threw him into Janela as the match began. Joey rolls outside and Lance slams him into the ring post, then puts him inside. Janela hits a diving kick through the ropes, then dives off the top with a crossbody onto Archer on the floor.

Joey goes under the ring and brings out a table, despite this not being a no-DQ match. Janela puts Archer on the table and climbs to the top rope but Archer grabs him and throws him onto the mat. Lance hits a running shoulder tackle, then chokes Joey on the top rope.

Archer whips Janela hard into the buckles, then talks trash to Sonny. Joey tries to rally but gets slapped in the face and he slumps. Archer continues the beat down as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We come back to the same as before. Sonny causes a distraction and Joey rallies, staggering Lance. Janela hits a few lariats and some kicks but Archer shoves him over the ropes to the apron. Janela shoudlers Archer, flips over the ropes and attempts a tilt-a-whirl but gets caught. Janela counters the Blackout into an elbow drop for a two-count.

Janela hits a superkick that drops Archer to a knee, then hits a running knee. Roberts gets on the apron with his snake bag, but Janela hits Archer with a splash, followed by a 450 from Sonny for a near-fall. Joey goes up top but Archer grabs him and hits a Blackout from the apron through the table Janela set at ringside. Archer then slams Joeys head into the floor a few times and puts him back inside for the pinfall.

Winner: Lance Archer

We see a video of Darby Allin at his home, and he jumps off a crane into a box of sponge. I guess that means he’s really cool and dangerous.

Tony Schiavone is in The ring and he introduces Taz and Brian Cage for an announcement. Taz says he’s glad Tony is here because this is a monumental moment. Tonight Jon Moxley was supposed to defend his AEW World Championship against Brian Cage, but that won’t happen until next week. Which brings him to why he’s out here. He has something with him that he has fought for, worked for, sweated and bled for. He pulls out the FTW Championship and says no company has ever recognised that belt but wrestling fans the world over know it signifies that baddest man in wrestling. So he thinks Brian Cage should go into Fight For The Fallen as a Champion already, so he hands him the title. Taz says Moxley is done for.

*Commercial Break*

The Young Bucks & FTR Vs. The Butcher & The Blade, & The Lucha Bros.

We start this eight-man tag match with Pentagon Jr. and Nick Jackson, and Pentagon throws his glove at Dax Harwood. Nick tags Dax in, and he locks-up with Pentagon and takes a wristlock. Pentagon breaks free and slaps him hard, so Dax responds with a stiff forearm. They trade shots until Dax drops him and hits a snap leg drop before tagging Cash.

Wheeler hits a flying knee off the middle rope and stomps Dax, then tags Dax. Pentagon jumps over Dax and slaps him in the chest, then tags Fenix. Dax reverses an Irish whip but gets dropkicked onto the middle rope, hit with an enziguiri, then a double stomp, and a springboard kick for a two-count.

Fenix gets grounded by Dax, who then tags Cash for a snap powerslam. Matt Jackson blind tags himself in and holds Fenix for Cash to hit a running forearm. Fenix avoids being thrown out of the ring and tags The Blade, who gets taken down right away. Nick tags in and they hit drop Blade, then double dropkick and incoming Butcher. Blade hits Nick, then Butcher hits a gutbuster. Blade hits a gutbuster and a powerbomb for a near-fall.

Butcher and Pentagon team to slap Nick and completely forget which of them is the legal man. Fenix tags in but Nick Jackson and him do tandem springboards until Nick hits a hurricanrana off the top. Cash comes in and teams with Nick for a superkick/snap dragon combo. Butcher and Blade run in to clear the babyfaces.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and The Blade has Cash in a headlock. Wheeler tries to fight up but hits a kitchen sink. Blade knocks Dax and Matt off the apron but Dax hits a back body drop and tags Nick Jackson. The Buck comes in and knocks The Blade out of the ring, then drops both Lucha Bro’s, hits a standing sliced bread to Pentagon and a body slam to Fenix.

Matt heads up top and dives onto Butcher and Blade at ringside, then goes back up top for an elbow drop to Fenix for a two-count. Matt and Dax come in and work together for a DDT to Blade. Butcher runs in and they hit stereo superkicks, but Fenix then wipes them out. Cash and Nick run in and catch Fenix with Goodnight Express.

FTR want the spike piledriver but Cash is pulled off the apron. Instead, Nick Jackson helps Dax hit the piledriver but Pentagon breaks the pin attempt. Dax puts Blade on the top rope, then Dax and Matt hit a superplex, followed by splashes from Nick and Cash. Fenix breaks the pin attempt and we’re left with Matt and Pentagon.

Matt gets tossed outside but Nick hits an enziguiri, then leans over the ropes but Fenix hits a Canadian Destroyer over the ropes onto everyone. Back inside, Matt superkicks Dax by accident, allowing the Lucha Bros. to hit the driver for the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, & The Lucha Bros.

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We see Big Swole arrive at the building but two people stop her from entering and say she has been served. Britt Baker has had her suspended for kidnapping her.

2-On-1 Handicap Match

Nyla Rose Vs. Kenzie Page & Kilynn King

The match starts and King tags herself out. Page runs into a lariat and Rose stares down King. Rose lifts Page and slams her, before hitting a leg drop. Page gets thrown across the ring and tags King.

King takes the back of Nia, clubs her, then takes a sleeper. Rose slams her into the buckles, then throws Page into King. Rose hits a big spear to King, then catches Page and hits a fallaway slam into King. Rose powerbombs Page onto King for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Nyla gets on the microphone and she says everyone has been waiting to hear what she has to say. She thinks actions speak louder than words and her actions speak for themselves. She says she sees a lot of great wrestlers with mangers, so she has hired herself one. She’s not ready to tell us who it is, but all the people with managers are Champions, so hers will ensure she beats Shida for the Women’s Championship.

We see Colt Cabana getting a medical and he has massive bruising all over his ribs. The doctor says he’s fine, so Brodi Lee comes in and says that, with The Dark Order at his side, this kind of thing won’t happen.

*Commercial Break*

The Dark Order & Colt Cabana Vs. SCU

We start this six-man tag match with Lee and Daniels, but Brodi tags Stu Grayson. They lock-up and Daniels hits an arm drag, then another and holds Stu down. Grayson counters Daniels and hits a running forearm. Grayson chops Daniels, then leapfrogs him and hits a heel kick.

Daniels hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and tags Kazarian for some double team attacks. Kazarian beats Stu for a minute and tags Scorpio. Grayson ducks under a lariat, kips up and hits a handstand kick before tagging Colt Cabana.

Sky grabs the ribs and Colt grabs the ropes. He tries to tag out but Lee won’t let him. They lock-up and Colt takes a wrist, then ducks a from clotheslines and eats a kick. All hell breaks loose, with Lee German suplexing Sky and Stu Grayson getting thrown over the ropes.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Dark Order hit a trio of moves that ends with a top rope splash from Stu for a near-fall. Cabana tags back in and Sky avoids a double team move, kicks Colt in the gut, and hits a neckbreaker. Both men are down and make tags to Lee and Kazarian.

Frankie unloads on Lee and hits a tornado DDT for a one-count. Kazarian avoids Grayson but gets kicked in the gut by Lee. Frankie hits a springboard but gets caught by Lee, only for Daniels to missile dropkick Lee. Daniels tags in but gets hit with a big boot. Grayson runs in and slams Scorpio, but gets hit with a cutter from Frankie.

Lee hits a black hole slam to Kazarian, and Daniels knocks him out of the ring for a suicide dive. Daniels and Grayson go back and forth in the ring, with the fallen angel hitting an asai moonsault for a near-fall but Colt makes the save. Lee hits a discus clothesline to Daniels and tags Colt so he can make the pin.

Winners: The Dark Order & Colt Cabana

Big Swole appears beside Britt Baker, “disguised” because she’s wearing a COVID mask. She argues with Britt and Gonzalez, then throws something at her that hits Baker in the face. So we get to hear a solid minute of pure screaming.

*Commercial Break*

Chris Jericho W/Santana & Ortiz Vs. Orange Cassidy

The main event gets underway and they come together in the middle of the ring. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, but then headbutts Le Champion, ducks a few clotheslines and hits a dropkick. Jericho rolls to the outside to regroup. Cassidy hits a suicide dive and punches Jericho around ringside.

Back in the ring, Cassidy goes up top and hits a crossbody, then a tilt-a-whirl but Jericho counters into the Liontamer. Cassidy gets to the bottom rope but Ortiz hits him with the sock. Jericho methodically beats OC and mocks him. Jericho chops OC, then whips him hard to the corner. Cassidy avoids Jericho and rolls him up for a two-count, then hits an inside cradle for two.

Cassidy attempts a Superman punch but Jericho avoids it and he crashes out of the ring. Jericho hits a baseball slide as we head to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Y2J is breaking OC’s back with a submission over his knee. Cassidy rallies but Jericho gets him in an abdominal stretch. Orange fights out but gets thrown on the apron and Jericho knocks him off and into the barricade. Santana and Ortiz mock OC, then Jericho goes out and slams him into the barricade again.

In the ring again, Cassidy turns the tables in the corner and hits a hurricanrana, then puts his hands in his pockets. Cassidy hits the tiny shin kicks, followed by a proper superkick for a near-fall. Cassidy drops Jericho and goes up top for a splash for another near-fall.

Jericho dumps Cassidy onto the apron and hits a springboard but Cassidy ducks and Y2J hits the floor. Cassidy flips over the ropes onto Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz. OC gets Jericho inside and hits a diving DDT for a near-fall. Cassidy attempts the Superman punch but Jericho gets him in the Liontamer. OC crawls to the ropes but Jericho drags him back.

Cassidy counters with an inside cradle for a near-fall, then hits a right hand and both men go down. Santana throws orange juice in OC’s face and Aubrey says that’s fine, but out come Best Friends to help. Jericho hits OC with the bat and a Codebreaker…but Cassidy kicks out. Jericho hits a back elbow and looks for a Liontamer but nobody’s home, then Cassidy hits a Michinoku Driver for a near-fall.

Both men trade shots as they climb to their feet, then Cassidy hits Slumdog Millionaire, followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT and a super near-fall. Cassidy runs for the Superman punch but Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

And that’s it for AEW Fyter Fest Night 2. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to check out our results for NXT Great American Bash. Until next time, stay safe.

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