Chris Jericho Says AEW Beat WWE NXT Where It Matters This Week


AEW presented the second night of Fyter Fest and WWE NXT did the same with The Great American Bash this week. NXT won in viewership for the third week in a row, but Chris Jericho won’t accept that loss, because he says AEW is still winning.

Jericho had the same type of argument last week. Tony Khan echoed his idea today. Y2J jumped on Twitter once again and spoke his mind about the ratings vs viewership debate.

Advertisers care about ratings, which AEW won. Chris Jericho says that means AEW won again.

Stoked to say that #AEWDynamite won the ratings demo war again last night! You’re welcome….

Jericho also included a chart from Showbuzz Daily showing off the ratings. AEW does have higher ratings, but that doesn’t mean more people are watching.

It’s a complicated thing with advertisers, but for a lot of fans viewership is what matters. What really matters most? Sound off in the comments below!

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