Maria Kanellis Could Spend All Day Blocking People On Twitter


Maria Kanellis is no longer a part of WWE, but she still gets plenty of hate from fans. She’s tired of that, and now she’s looking to go on a block party.

She isn’t too happy about being released two months after delivering a baby in the middle of a pandemic.

Kanellis fired off two tweets today directed at people who follow her just to troll. She’s had enough of giving them attention by replying to their hateful comments. Now she’ll start blocking people.

I have decided to make my socials free from negativity. If I see a negative comment I will block you and report you. I won’t be able to catch everyone but I don’t deserve it. If you followed me to be insulting, bye Felicia.

A lot of abusers just want the attention and their “name” on my timeline. I’m not here for that and neither are my true fans! I’m here for you and you won’t see their nasty a$$es on my timeline anymore. Sending sooooo much love, 16 years strong in this business! Thank you!

She did not state if this blocking policy is retroactive. If Maria Kanellis plans on going through her previous mentions she might have a lot of blocking to do.

Hopefully, she’s able to clean up her timeline enough to get through her mentions without becoming too upset.

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