The world is still struggling to get through a pandemic and some companies are on a hiring freeze. This was thought to be the case for ROH, but there is apparently a different story going on.

We previously reported that beside possibly signing Danhausen, ROH isn’t inking any new deals. ROH’s Ian Riccaboni wanted to clear the air on that. He sent out several tweets in a row addressing the rumor that ROH isn’t hiring anyone.

In the end, recently released WWE Superstars will be available after their non-compete clauses on July 18th. Ian Riccaboni had to wonder why someone would float that “report” out there during a time like this.

People out here saying ROH isn’t offering contracts. How do you think the most frugal man in wrestling, me, could afford a MOC LJN Macho Man? I’m not saying bang down the door for a contract because ROH can’t sign *everyone* but I’m tired of this rumor being out there.

I’ll make this public: ROH pays me extraordinarily well, for which I am extremely grateful. I’m aware of multiple extensions, most of which are public, that occurred during the pandemic.

I’m about to take over a ROH Week by Week, burn a newsletter, and tell people that the internet’s got the scoops.

If you’re a good wrestler, make a name for yourself and hit up ROH if you have an international reputation or come to a camp if you don’t. ROH pays as well if not better than everyone else. /end rant

You know what my least favorite video on the whole internet was? That Quack video saying not to ask what others make. It is anti-worker. Floating out that companies aren’t doing new contracts is also anti-worker to suppress wages to sign someone for less money.

There is a reason Glassdoor exists. You should know a fair range of what to be paid is. It is ok to have an idea of what a colleague makes so you don’t get ripped off. It is not ok to tell a trade paper companies aren’t signing talent to surpress wages to pay talent less.

July 18 is right around the corner. I wonder why anyone would float out there that a company with a steady television show isn’t doing new contracts. Hm.

Ian Riccaboni is obviously very happy to be with ROH during this time. The company has continued to fulfill all contracts and pay their staff and workers without firing anyone. They might even be interested in inking a few new deals if the right person comes along.

ROH will be back and they are making plans to hit the ground running whenever it is safe to return to action.

Felix Upton

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