The issue of wearing masks is a strangely political one. The idea of wearing a mask is looked at as weak, when others argue it’s really about respect for yourself and those around you. We’re living in a very interesting world, especially during a pandemic.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that he was told that Kevin Dunn specifically told fans that “If you want to wear a mask, then you’re not a fan.” This corroborates our previous report about Kevin Dunn ordering for masks to be removed.

Additionally, Alvarez stated that Dave Meltzer told him that WWE told fans that “If you want to wear a mask then stay at home.” WWE really doesn’t want to see masks on television.

It is unclear exactly why WWE doesn’t want to see masks on television. Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon developed this edict and the rest of the company must follow it.

Some WWE Superstars aren’t 100% okay with the idea that fans aren’t allowed to wear masks.

The company released a statement on the matter where they said that masks weren’t needed. From all of the stories that are coming out today it sounds more like they were not allowed.

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