Chris Jericho is very proud of the Stadium Stampede match. It took a lot of work in very quick fashion to pull it off. A lot of fans loved the match, but Jim Cornette and those who share his opinion were not impressed.

Jericho cut an interview where he stated that anyone who hated the Stadium Stampede match must not have a soul. During The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette has a lot to say about Chris Jericho’s recent dismissal of his criticism.

“People are saying what the f*ck I said that I don’t wanna see wrestling anymore if this is what they’ve turned it into. The late-night television Benny Hill sketch the f*cking — it’s not even Saturday Night Live because Saturday Night Live did several wrestling sketches and at least you had star power.”

“Late night comedy sketches are what we’ve been reduced to and the people I hear from who apparently have no souls are offended because they loved wrestling for a long time until it quit being f*cking wrestling.”

“So between Twitter and email and the folks that we have heard from on social media and just on YouTube saying ‘what the f*ck,’ just what the f*ck? If it was South Park it’d be ‘c’mon.’ This has nothing to do with wrestling — they’ve completely lost the plot and everyone thinks they’re a comedian now and an entertainer — that’s the problem!”

Cornette continued to say that any sport can be entertainment, “but it doesn’t have to be stupid and hokey.” Then Jim Cornette accused AEW of coming behind those who blazed a trail for them in pro wrestling and then “f*cking vomiting in their face.” He continued to say that he’s sorry that Jericho was upset, but there are apparently a lot of people out there without souls.

“So positively, I’m sorry I hut Chris’ feelings, but on a negative side there’s literally millions of soulless people out there. The zombie apocalypse out there, and apparently your skin doesn’t rot, but your soul is left and this is why we have people saying they can’t watch wrestling now.”

Chris Jericho and Jim Cornette will likely have to agree to disagree in this instance. It’s also likely that nothing Cornette says will make Chris Jericho rethink one decision or regret a single thing about the Stadium Stampede match

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