Roman Reigns Calls Racism A ‘Life Ending Disease’ While Calling For Justice For George Floyd


George Floyd’s death sparked a rallying cry across the nation. Riots broke out in several American cities over racial injustice. Roman Reigns agrees that Black Lives Matter and there should be justice for George Floyd..

The Big Dog tweeted out saying that “racism is wrong.” There’s no way to debate this fact either. He went on to say that people should teach their children every day that racism is wrong so we can eradicate this “life ending disease.”

Racism is wrong. There is no grey area here. IT IS WRONG. Teach your kids this everyday, so we can rid ourselves and our future of this life ending disease. #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #BlacklivesMaters

Roman Reigns isn’t the only WWE Superstar who spoke out about this terrible tragedy. Titus O’Neil had an emotional statement to make on the matter as well as Jey Uso. We can only hope that much better days of peace and happiness are ahead.

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