WWE has long been known for its strict concussion protocols, with many considering its guidelines more rigorous and safer than those of major sports leagues. Despite this, one current world champion recently admitted to being called up to the main roster while still concussed.

After an underwhelming initial run in WWE from 2009-2013, EC3 signed with WWE as a top star back in 2018 after a terrific stint in Impact Wrestling. None of that mattered as he got fired in 2020 and has been busy with his own projects afterwards.

In the most recent episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, the primary topic of discussion centered around Ronda Rousey’s comments about wrestling being an “intense performance” rather than sport. During the conversation, the subject shifted to concussions, where current NWA World Champion EC3 commended WWE’s concussion protocols for their thoroughness and safety.

However, EC3 also revealed that when he was called up to WWE’s Triple H-led main roster in early 2019, he was still dealing with a concussion. This admission highlights that despite the comprehensive nature of WWE’s protocols, there might be situations where talent are brought back to action before they are fully cleared.


“I will say to WWE’s credit, at the apex of the business they are, they take concussions very seriously, and they have the impact tests, and you have to go through tests and check with doctors, and even if you were cleared and you didn’t feel right, they’ll never rush you back. Except that one time they called me up with a concussion once, but that’s a different story.”

“Maybe it’s just the aspect of competition vs intense performance… If there was anybody who had any issues in WWE, they would hold you out and not make you go out there like the days of the past. They’re very conscious of concussions. But there’s no scheduled time off. You could be getting knicked countless times and not notice it until the big one happens. We understand that getting into it, though.”

EC3 has also previously addressed making his way back to WWE one day. Nevertheless, concussions are commonplace in pro wresting and WWE does take it seriously no matter what.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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