There is a problem on the internet and it needs to be stopped. A constant barrage of hatred appears on so many timelines from people who are simply looking to spread negativity. Alexa Bliss recently dealt with someone making misogynistic comments about her, and she has plenty of backup.

Sonya Deville would like to be in room with this man who stated that Bliss probably just “lays there” in bed like she does in her matches. Paige also had something to say about this. She chastised the podcaster for his words, especially since he should exhibit better behavior due to his position.

This is the problem right here. HES one of the problems. Cyber bullying is NOT okay and to this extent too? What a disgrace and I’m assuming he’s supposed to be a reporter of some sorts? Shame on you JD. Your work is incredible @AlexaBliss_WWE pay no mind to ignorance like this.

Hana Kimura’s suicide put a new focus on the subject of online bullying. Twitter can be an amazing place, but so many people use it to spread misinformation and hatred.


Kimura received over 100 messages a day until it finally got to her. She shouldn’t have received the first one because people should haven known better. Words have meaning and they matter. Celebrities are out in the public eye, but they are people too. Paige agrees with us.

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