Hana Kimura’s death can never be reversed. She died after taking her own life due to online bullying caused by a reality television show she starred in. You can watch the episode here to get an idea of what this was really all about.

The pro wrestling world reacted in a huge way whether they knew Hana Kimura or not. She was a much bigger star in Japan and was reaching mainstream status. Stardom wanted her on the Terrace House reality television show. She was being positioned as one of the company’s hottest young stars.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observe Radio that Hana Kimura’s death sparked a movement in Japan. There is now a call to write a law that will make online bullying illegal. This could create actual consequences for those who feel they can say whatever they want online without any repercussions.

“This suicide is a result of cyber bullying because that’s what it was. That’s what she put in her suicide note […] it’s become a much bigger situation in Japan because apparently there’s now people trying to pass a law that if you harass or make threats to someone on this level [social media] that you can be prosecuted.”


“In fact, there’s tons of people who I guess were threatening her and they tried to delete their accounts and I guess what they found out is that you still leave a footprint. So a lot of those people who harassed her into doing what she did are scared.”

A lot of mainstream Japanese celebrities have really “talked up the idea” on social media about holding online bullies accountable for what they say. The trolls might try to delete their tweets, or their entire Twitter accounts, but nothing online ever totally goes away.

This law is exactly what Alexa Bliss was speaking about. Bliss commented on Kimura’s death saying that trolls need to be held accountable for what they say.

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