Purpose Behind Mysterious New WWE Trademark Revealed

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WWE is constantly filing for new trademarks. They want to own as much intellectual property as they can. This led to a very strange trademark recently for “Def Rebel.”

Arena Taping revealed the purpose of WWE’s new Def Rebel trademark. It’s all about their music division in this instance. WWE Music Group will reportedly begin releasing material next week under a new name.

Arenataping can confirm that WWE Music Group are set to return to digital music stores and streaming services as soon as next week under a new name.

YouTube metadata also revealed that WWE filed a trademark on Wednesday related to the new group that they hired in May, 2019 called DJDTP.

Def Rebel was picked by WWE to represent the music productions made by the DJDTP group. They have completed “at least 40 theme songs” for WWE at this point, but only one of them have been released so far.

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