Sometimes people can make more money by working less dates, especially if they’ve spent their career establishing their brand like Rob Van Dam. The Whole F’n Show makes way more per match than he used to.

RVD appeared on The Angle Podcast and money came up in the conversation. He disclosed that more money is coming in for him now than it did while is was working full-time.

“Between me and you, I’m making way more money than I was back then, and I always have. People think that — they would consider me maybe at my peak, back when I was in WWE. But, I’ll break it down to you like this, without getting too specific. When I was on top, ECW Championship, WWE Championship and I was doing the ECW shows working against Big Show every night, the lowest amount they paid me during that time, I make 30 times that in a match now. Isn’t that hard to believe?”

“But even before I went to WWE, I was making 10 times what they gave me on that first match. I went to JR, I said, ‘I don’t work for this.’ I said, ‘I’m gonna go broke. My lifestyle doesn’t permit it. I was doing better not being here’ and he was like, ‘Well, be patient. It takes a while.’ I said, ‘Okay, if it’s gonna be like that, I gotta hit you up for a loan.’ I swear to God, this was in my meeting with JR. I was like, ‘I need a loan from the company to float me until I’m making more money then because I have bills.”


“My lifestyle doesn’t belong to someone that you pay like this’ and anyway, JR was like, ‘Well, you gotta be the guy they’re pushing on the radio. You gotta be the guy that’s on the posters, the guy that’s selling the tickets. Not necessarily where you are on the card, but the importance of your match but how many people it drew there’ so now let’s fast-forward six years or whatever many years I was there, the amount that I’m talking about when I’m wrestling Big Show was the exact same as that first match when I wrestled Johnny The Bull in Atlanta and I couldn’t believe they paid me that well, but they can do that because if you think about it, if someone’s gonna give you $1,000 a day, whatever that sounds like to you on the scale, I’m sure it’s not the same scale, but whatever it is, but if you say, ‘Okay, but I’m gonna work 240 days a year,’ now that’s $240,000. That’s how they’re able to do that, and then you got merchandise and used to be pay-per-view bonuses.”

RVD is currently working for Impact Wrestling. He openly admitted at the time that his decision to sign with Impact Wrestling was all about the money. It’s easy to see why he would want to come back, especially considering the fun he’s had during the angles they booked him in.

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