Becky Lynch Teases Becoming A Part-Time WWE Superstar


Becky Lynch is set to appear in the season 5 premiere of Billions. She is also slated to be in an unidentified Marvel Cinematic Universe film coming out down the line. As more opportunities open up for The Man, she might find herself as a part-timer like The Rock and John Cena.

The Man recently posted a picture of a Photoshopped magazine called Part Timer Magazine. She was on the cover with a tagline reading: “She’s beaten all your faves now she’s at home watching TV!!!”

The RAW Women’s Champion also rubbed it in a little bit for good measure with a clever caption.

This is a big one. Always dreamed of being on this cover since I was kid.

Lynch also appears to have a “messiah 4EVA” tattoo on her arm in white ink. That was a nice touch and nod to her fiance Seth Rollins.

Part Timer Magazine might not be a real thing, but if it were we’d wager a guess that Becky Lynch’s issue would fly off the shelves. We also would love to read the article called: “10 New Ways Becky Be Making Hoes Mad.”

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