Dakota Kai On ‘Terrifying’ Experience During Recent WWE Roster Cuts

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WWE released a lot of on-screen talent on April 15th along with a ton of office staff and backstage workers. Dakota Kai wasn’t released from WWE, but she is aware that could be a possibility.

While talking to The Sporting News, the COVID-19 pandemic came up in conversation. She said that it’s heartbreaking to see the world going through such troubles. Her own family is struggling through this time as well.

“It is genuinely heartbreaking watching all of that go down along with the rest of the world, we see it all unfold. As you said, a lot of those people were my peers. It’s such a tough time. But it’s tough for every company right now. WWE is in the limelight. All of that stuff was made public. I know that even back home, my brother still has his job, but a lot of people in his company were let go. My sister, she’s a fighter over in Bali. Everyone’s struggling. It’s just such a strange, sad time.”

Dakota Kai was then asked if she was under the impression that she could be let go from WWE. She responded saying that nobody’s job is 100% safe at that point. This is a terrifying feeling, but she’s grateful that hasn’t happened in her case.

“No matter what your position is in the company, it is always that sort of unknown, right? No one’s ever 100 hundred percent safe, so it was terrifying in that sense. I’m super grateful to still be able to do what I’m doing.”

Dakota Kai is regularly featured on WWE television on the NXT brand. She has a long career ahead of her. WWE could be forced to re-examine the situation later on and make more cuts. In the meantime, it appears that they will be sticking with the crew that are all very happy to still be employed.

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