WWE Sent Message To Locker Room With Recent Superstar Release


WWE is taping in Florida and considered an “essential business.” This new status has given them the luxury of going live for the past couple of weeks. WWE plans to start taping television next week, but it is merely a cost-cutting measure.

We previously covered why far more AEW stars likely missed their company’s last set of television tapings. AEW’s absences far exceeded WWE’s missing roster members. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter went on to note that Lio Rush’s release might have sent a message to the locker room as well.

Lio Rush stated that he won’t work any WWE NXT tapings until the novel coronavirus pandemic subsides. Now he’s out of a job and the timing of his release was noticed.

It also doesn’t help the perception from the talent when Lio Rush publicly stated that he was not going to work while the pandemic was going on and then just a short time later, he was fired.

WWE is taking a ton of precautions to make sure their facilities are protected from COVID-19. They are also using a spray that will kill the virus for 90 to 120 days.

The widespread company cuts on April 15th hurt a lot. Plenty of people lost their jobs all over the company. It’s unclear exactly why Lio Rush was one of the released Superstars.

Why do you think Lio Rush was really released? Sound off in the comments below!

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