WWE Considered Maria Kanellis For Creative Role


WWE released Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis from their contracts last week. The two had just agreed to sign new contracts the prior year worth $250,000 each for five years. The contract talks apparently included the possibility of Maria Kanellis stepping behind the scenes.

While speaking to Fightful, Mike Bennett revealed that at one point WWE considered Maria Kanellis for a role in creative. She loves helping younger talent so the potential of moving her to NXT or helping out with the writing was discussed.

We actually at one point were talking about Maria just back in a creative role, not even coming back as a wrestler or a manager or any kind of on-screen talent. Maybe coming back and doing stuff with the girls down in NXT or helping be on the writing team. Because that’s what she loves to do now. She just loves helping, using her mind to help other people succeed.

Maria Kanellis didn’t agree to any creative terms in her contract and continued as an on-screen performer. She soon became pregnancy with the couple’s second child. Then she became the first-ever pregnant champion in WWE.

How do you think things would have been different with Maria Kanellis in WWE creative? Sound off in our new and improved comments section.

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