WWE Could Reach Record Revenue In 2020 After Recent Cuts

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WWE made several cuts across the board yesterday. That came with a lot of releases both behind and in front of the camera. Did they have to make those cuts?

Click here for a full updated list of WWE Superstars and producers who were released yesterday.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that WWE is still in a position where they will make a huge profit this year. In fact, they might reach a record-setting revenue year.

“They’re on par now or they’re on target that if they do not do another Saudi Arabia show this year, if they do not do another house show this year, if they do not make a dime in merchandise this year — which they will, if they do not make a dime in licensing this year — which they will they are on target to do close to $1 billion maybe even over $1 billion in total revenue depending on how much the Network holds up.”

“If there’s zero Network subscribers which is not going to happen we’re talking about $850 million in revenue. It’s probably going to wind up being close to $1 billion which is more than they have done in any year in the history of the company.”

WWE makes a lot of money and they are still in a position where they are set up to make a massive profit this year.

Cuts WWE made yesterday will save them $8 million a year in salaries. That’s still a lot of money, but the company is not going under by any stretch of the imagination.

What do you think about all the cuts WWE made yesterday? Sound off in the comments below!

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